11 Fitness Tips for Pregnant Women
June 22, 2016

FiTOUR® recommends pregnant women discuss an exercise plan of action with a doctor and take a few simple precautions when exercising.  FiTOUR® suggests these 11 Fitness Tips for pregnant women:   

2 Valuable Benefits of Indoor Cycle
June 22, 2016

Indoor Cycle improves cardiorespiratory fitness, core strength, upper and lower body muscular endurance, and speed; it reduces resting heart rate and blood pressure.  There are two benefits of Indoor Cycle (and group exercise in general) that I think are of incredible value and often overlooked.  Top on my list: mood and appeal. 

The Beauty of Private Facebook Groups
June 16, 2016

Using a Private Facebook Group for a fitness class is a very simple and fun way to stay connected all week, encourage participants to stay on track and accountable, and share information specifically to the group.  This summer I am teaching Cycle three days a week; I will create a special Private Facebook Group to keep those folks engaged, prepared, and excited for their workouts.  For another class, Synrgy 360, the Private Facebook Group shares recipes, workout ideas, and I post the workout from class for anyone who was absent. 

Separating The Professional From The Personal in #socialmedia
June 16, 2016

Ideally, Fitness instructors set a healthy example for their class participants at work and online.  Although sometimes our lives are not consistently stellar examples of living a healthy, fit life.  If that is the case, chances are the manager or club owner would prefer a censored personal page or for employees to create a professional or personal brand social media page. 

Benefits of Aqua for Senior
June 16, 2016

Seniors are a special population that is well served in the Aqua Fitness group class.  As our body ages our joints become more rigid, we become prone to injury for a variety of reasons, and often our social life fades.  Aqua Fitness class addresses these issues and creates a positive environment and friendly atmosphere for Seniors to thrive.  I spoke with Rhonda Gann, the FiTOUR® Director of Training Team, about three key benefits Aqua Fitness addresses for Seniors:

Strength and Cycle
June 14, 2016

There are countless benefits to strength training. is an incredible source on the subject and undoubtedly the best resource for strength training workouts online.  According to strength training improves cholesterol, lowers the risk for a number of chronic and fatal diseases, builds bone mass, and reduces PMS, stress, and anxiety.  The benefit of strength training that seems to appeal most to my class participants is improved metabolism. 

Three Basic Truths About Participating in Social Media
June 10, 2016

Social media has changed the landscape of how we interact on many levels.  We rely on social media to keep up with close friends, meet new friends, stay on top of trending topics, and learn.  Yes, learn.  There is a sea of information awaiting us on the various platforms of social media.  That being the case, I have come to understand three basic truths about participating in social media with the hope of growing a [personal] brand.

Truth 1: Be human. 

Top 10 Reasons You SHOULD be Teaching Aqua
June 9, 2016

Teaching Aqua Fitness is rewarding because the workouts are designed to help a wide range of participants.  An Aqua class is a good choice for the general population but it also is an excellent exercise format for special populations as well: seniors, pregnant women, asthmatics, those with arthritis and osteoporosis, persons recovering from stoke, those with high blood pressure, or heart disease, diabetics, children, those with knee or low back pain, and the obese.  Each of these special populations can be served by participating in the Aqua format. 

Super Fast Cycle
June 7, 2016

Looking to supercharge your cycle class this week?  This high intensity play list is just the ticket.  With a nice long warm up to limber the body in preparation this list plays with the anaerobic zone quite a bit. The calorie burn was high and the ride was fast! 

Super Fast Cycle (57 minutes)

Joyce Hayes Outdoors
June 2, 2016

Exercising is brutal for some folks.  We see them in classes each week, that handful of members who are there because they are supposed to be there.  This group doesn’t love exercise.  The truth is, though, not loving exercise does not automatically mean that person doesn’t like being active.