CarolAnn's myofascial release exercises for your fitness class
July 12, 2019

Myofascial Release Exercises for Your Fitness Classes

Top 10 Reasons to Get FiTOUR® Barre Certified
January 22, 2019

Top 10 Reasons to get FiTOUR® Barre Certified

Barre is a total body workout that combines ballet, Pilates, yoga and light weight resistance with a ballet barre for small, isometric movements.  Barre class is a fun, high-energy music driven class with a creative class format that allows for instructors to be creative while maintaining a safe and fun environment.  If you’re asking yourself, “why should I get FiTOUR® Barre certified this year?” check out the FiTOUR® Top 10 Reasons to get Barre Certified!

Julie Logue Think Big a Comprehensive Approach to Working with Older Adults
July 27, 2018

At IDEA World in June I participated in a workshop that broadened my perspective on working with the quickly growing older adult population.  The presenter, Julie Logue, did not bore us with a self-serving monologue about her career accomplishments to date; instead, Julie began the session immediately with a speed and reaction time training technique she termed, "claptology", and then we got to work.  She incorporated movement and interaction throughout the workshop so that by the end I found myself thinking, “Wait...what?

The Perfection Detox Petra Kolber
July 25, 2018

In June, CarolAnn and I attended the IDEA World BlogFest.  We were both thrilled to learn that our opening ceremonies speaker would be the amazing Petra Kolber.  FiTOUR® began as a continuing education brand that toured the country by reaching into communities to educate instructors.  Petra Kolber toured with FiTOUR® as a presenter back then and has been dear to the FiTOUR® family ever since. With 25 years of experience presenting and teaching in over 30 countries, Petra established herself as an expert in the fitness industry.

Indoor Cycle: Three Tips for Injury Prevention
May 26, 2018

Injuries are the worst as a group exercise instructor.  It can literally take you out of work for weeks. Because our bodies are our tools for work, we must take care to prevent injuries at all times.  All Indoor Cycle instructors should keep these three valuable tips in mind.

Your classes and clients will benefit from keeping these tips in mind, too.  Share these tips with your Indoor Cycle class participants; encourage participants to avoid injury by listening to their body and implementing these three tips:

Sample Class: Deep Water Circuit Workout Aqua Fitness
May 12, 2018

Aqua Fitness is a must have fitness certification for any Group Exercise Instructor hoping to inspire a wide variety of participants at their facility.

Group Exercise Must Haves: Fit Pro Friendships
April 24, 2018

Do you ever think fitness professionals work together but alone?  Often a fitness department is littered with individuals who work at a variety of clubs. We are a nomadic profession - working one hour here, two hours there, three hours of in-homes, and then one more hour back at the first gym.  Fitness professionals are often part of multiple departments, wearing a variety of hats, and seldom connecting within one place more than the last.  

Top 10 Group Exercise Special Events.png
April 11, 2018

Having a hard time mustering up some good ol’ fashioned camaraderie in your group exercise schedule or for your department?  One way a club can get some action going and shed some fun, positive light on the fitness department is to host a series of special events.  

Check out FiTOUR® Certifications Top 10 Group Exercise Special Events and try one at your facility this month:

Tips to Include Myofascial Release at Your Facility
February 19, 2018

In fitness, we define the F.I.T.T Principle as: frequency, intensity, type, and time.  We include this principle in program design for group exercise and personal training clients in five areas:

  1. Cardiovascular endurance
  2. Muscular strength
  3. Muscular endurance
  4. Flexibility
  5. Body composition


Are You a Dedicated Fit Pro?
August 16, 2017

As a group exercise instructor or personal trainer, if you are dedicated to the job, you are very likely successful.  You create new choreography for class, you stay on top of the latest music, you chat with your clients and class members.  You make people feel included.  You correct form and stress the value of eating well and drinking loads of water.  Maybe, like Todd Durkin, you text message your clients motivating videos every morning to start their day right.  You are dedicated to the job and your people.