2 Valuable Benefits of Indoor Cycle (+ a fun playlist)

2 Valuable Benefits of Indoor Cycle

Indoor Cycle improves cardiorespiratory fitness, core strength, upper and lower body muscular endurance, and speed; it reduces resting heart rate and blood pressure.  There are two benefits of Indoor Cycle (and group exercise in general) that I think are of incredible value and often overlooked.  Top on my list: mood and appeal. 

Exercise releases endorphins which are responsible for that “runner’s high” you may have heard about or experienced.  Endorphins trigger happiness.  Moods are improved during Indoor Cycle class.  We aren’t therapists, but our classes give people the “me time” they need to help burn off stress or sadness.  If your participants leave with a smile, you’ve done a great job.

The appeal of Indoor Cycle, like many group fitness classes, is simple.  The class is never the same.  Day to day, instructor to instructor, participants don’t know exactly what to expect.  It maintains appeal and interest because of that simple fact.  The calorie burn, of course, is fantastic but it is only one factor bringing people through the door.  Keep your classes fun and mix it up to keep the folks interested and coming back for more.

This week’s playlist is a fun fast ride mixed with off-the-bike sculpting exercises. 



Around the World (Daft Punk)

Class enters, set up

Best Day of My Life – Gazzo Remix (American Authors)

Warm Up, jog

Jumpin’, Jumpin’ (Destiny’s Child)

Flat Road, pace

Hyponotize (The Notorious B.I.G.)

Step Back Lunges w/ Rotation

Down (311)


You’re Gonna Die Young (Ke$ha)

Jog (hand positions 1,2,3)

Dark Horse (Tabata 9) iSweat Fitness Music

Tabata Sprints

Bang Bang (Jessie J)

Plie’ Squat and Calf Raises

Booty (Jennifer Lopez)

Standing Climb from 1 to 3

Crank It Up (David Guetta feat. Akon)


Doo Wop (Ms. Lauryn Hill)


Dirty Minds (Flo Rida)


Club Can’t Handle Me (Flo Rida)

Jog 1,2,3

Paint the World -Radio Edit (Jidax)

Speed with music sprints

Break Free (Ariana Grande)

Triceps, Chest

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It (Will Smith)


Chicken Fried (Zac Brown Band)

Yoga Stretch

Cowboy Take Me Away (Dixie Chicks)

Stretch, clean up bikes

Stay Wasting Time (Dave Matthews Band)


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Enjoy the Ride,