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Founded in 1989, FiTOUR® is a leader in providing nationally recognized health and fitness professional certifications. Recommended by health and fitness directors & managers across the USA and around the world, FiTOUR® is known for affordable, comprehensive, cutting edge certifications grounded in exercise science and guidelines for safe and efficient health and fitness practice.

FiTOUR® makes it affordable and convenient for fitness professionals to expand their knowledge and share their passion for fitness with exceptional pricing, complementary online study material, online exams, online renewal courses & more. Training and educating thousands of health and fitness professionals from the beginner fitness enthusiast to the advanced level;  FiTOUR® has prepared nearly 200,000 part and full time professionals to enter and stay involved in the health and fitness industry.

Today the FiTOUR® Development Team continues to write and develop additional outstanding health and fitness certification programs to keep fitness professionals and enthusiasts ahead and on top in an ever changing fitness field. FiTOUR® Certifications are also utilized by fitness enthusiasts to more easily reach and maintain personal goals and faster results, free of common workout injuries.

FiTOUR® proudly partners and co-markets with many like-minded leaders in the industry, such as Silver Sneakers®, IDEA® Health & Fitness, Venice Nutrition®, Fitbodies Inc, PFP magazine and more. Whether teaching and leading health and fitness classes in a health facility, studio, community center, church, park, business park, wellness center or other, FiTOUR® Certifications are your best value when looking for practical quality education, and maximizing your time and money.

Mission Statement

FiTOUR® seeks to provide the world with greatly needed teachers, educators and instructors of health and fitness. As poor health moves towards epidemic proportions worldwide, educators of health and fitness are needed to reverse the declining global health situation. To help meet the demand and need for health and fitness educators, FiTOUR® provides easy access high quality health and fitness education and certification at affordable prices. Our mission at FiTOUR® is to attract more fitness and health enthusiasts to the health and fitness education field, keeping them actively promoting the multitude of benefits that health and fitness provides to help combat the silent killer of inactivity.

FiTOUR® realizes one of the best long term solutions for rising health care costs is in prevention. By cultivating and supporting grass root educators and trainers in our communities, schools, places of worship, recreation centers and neighborhoods, we have an opportunity to reduce the escalating health care costs. FiTOUR® strives to collaborate with public and private industries on the development and cross promotion of health and fitness programs and services to increase awareness of the efficiency, effectiveness and benefits of health and fitness.

FiTOUR® Certifications and CEC Workshops

FiTOUR® offers certification and continuing education workshops onsite. Each FiTOUR® onsite workshops and Certifications are presented by FiTOUR® Pro- Trainers. FiTOUR® Pro-Trainers are highly qualified fitness professionals ready to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Visit our workshops page for scheduled onsite certifications and workshops.

FiTOUR® In-Home Certifications and CEC's

Each FiTOUR® In-Home Certification course is taken online from the comfort of your own home. Receive the optional study material and take the exam at your convenience. Just one more way FiTOUR® makes obtaining your fitness certifications and continuing education convenient and affordable!

FiTOUR® Certification Renewal Procedures

With one of the lowest renewal fees (ONLY $25) in the industry, FiTOUR® has made it affordable to maintain your fitness certification. Each FiTOUR® Certification is valid for two years.

FiTOUR® Corporate Offices

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