Functional Fitness for the Active Older Adult: Balance Drills
October 6, 2016

In September FiTOUR® focused on Core & Functional Fitness exercises using a variety of tools: the medicine ball, stability ball, balance disc, and BOSU.  This month, while our concentration remains on Functional Fitness, our focus shifts to applying these training techniques to the Active Older Adult population. 

Core & Functional Fitness: Body Weight Training
September 27, 2016

For the past two years the ACSM’s annual survey of worldwide fitness trends placed bodyweight training in position #1 and #2.  In 2015 it was at the top spot while this year it fell to #2 behind wearable technology. 

September 19, 2016

The BOSU Balance Trainer was invented sixteen years ago by David Weck.  The BOSU Balance Trainer is an absolutely key piece of functional fitness equipment.  Workouts with the BOSU can be created to improve athletic ability and daily function alike.  The most unique aspect of BOSU Balance Training, truly setting it apart from many other exercises in functional fitness, is the mind-body connection required to feel successful.  I had the great honor of learning the BOSU Balance Training System in July with Douglas & Candice Brooks at IDEA World Con

Core & Functional Fitness: Balance Disc
September 10, 2016

People want to get the most bang for their buck, especially from a Personal Trainer.  Functional Fitness often gets overlooked for steady-state cardio or weight lifting.  However, functional fitness undoubtedly enhances physical performance, elevates metabolism, and increases energy levels.  Talking to a middle aged client about increasing speed and agility can be likened to teaching a cat how to bark.  Why would a non-competitive, middle aged, working adult want to increase speed and agility?  Know your audience.  People want to feel, move, and slee

Core & Functional Fitness: Medicine Ball
September 7, 2016

Medicine Ball exercises bridge the gap between conventional strength and endurance exercises.  These exercises teach the summation of force from the ground through the legs, through the core, and out through the arms.  Medicine Balls come in a variety of weights and designs.  This versatile piece of equipment can be used for all fitness levels to add variety to workouts.  Medicine balls challenge the core, increase hand eye coordination, and when used in a group exercise class can be a lot of fun!

Core & Functional Fitness: Stability Ball
August 30, 2016

The FiTOUR® Core & Functional Fitness Certification Course includes exercises and concepts for personal training and group fitness programs to address the needs of both athletes and active older adults.  Core & Functional Training can provide clients with improved fitness performance and more efficient performance during activities of daily life. 

Lolofit Apps for Health and Fitness
August 24, 2016

Looking for an app to help clients stay on track?  Trying to consider how to be encouraging on days off? is an app platform that benefits clients on their independent workout days and nurtures less restrictive dietary changes that can foster negative mindsets. 

Who Are You Rooting For?
August 22, 2016

We need to do more than correct form, choreograph workouts, and create playlists.  We need to do more.  But what?  We need to be encouraging

Top 10 Ways to Succeed as a FiTOUR Ambassador
August 16, 2016

Brand Ambassadors are hugely important to FiTOUR!  Our goal is to make a local impact by encouraging lovers of fitness to become teachers of fitness.  We want to help our instructors stay in the fitness industry and make extra money doing it.  We acknowledge fitness instruction is not the highest paid profession – but the impact a fitness instructor has on a classroom is profound.  The influence you have to inspire and motivate your class participants, clients, friends, and family is significant. 

FiTOUR Ambassador Program
August 9, 2016

Do you remember how you got started in the Fitness Industry?  I remember the day, class, and exactly the exercise I was performing when the instructor planted the seed.  I was a high school teacher before I had my daughter.  Once she came, I wanted desperately to stay home with her.  Then, once I was there at home, I sought sanity at the gym.  I began taking Pilates classes to recover my core strength after c-section.  It was in that class, during the single-leg circles, that one day the instructor told us she had taken another job, but she thought I