Lolofit Apps for Health and Fitness
August 24, 2016

Looking for an app to help clients stay on track?  Trying to consider how to be encouraging on days off? is an app platform that benefits clients on their independent workout days and nurtures less restrictive dietary changes that can foster negative mindsets. 

Who Are You Rooting For?
August 22, 2016

We need to do more than correct form, choreograph workouts, and create playlists.  We need to do more.  But what?  We need to be encouraging

Top 10 Ways to Succeed as a FiTOUR Ambassador
August 16, 2016

Brand Ambassadors are hugely important to FiTOUR!  Our goal is to make a local impact by encouraging lovers of fitness to become teachers of fitness.  We want to help our instructors stay in the fitness industry and make extra money doing it.  We acknowledge fitness instruction is not the highest paid profession – but the impact a fitness instructor has on a classroom is profound.  The influence you have to inspire and motivate your class participants, clients, friends, and family is significant. 

FiTOUR Ambassador Program
August 9, 2016

Do you remember how you got started in the Fitness Industry?  I remember the day, class, and exactly the exercise I was performing when the instructor planted the seed.  I was a high school teacher before I had my daughter.  Once she came, I wanted desperately to stay home with her.  Then, once I was there at home, I sought sanity at the gym.  I began taking Pilates classes to recover my core strength after c-section.  It was in that class, during the single-leg circles, that one day the instructor told us she had taken another job, but she thought I

Shin Splints
July 5, 2016

Do you suffer from shin splints?  I’ve been there.  Tibial Stress Syndrome is caused by:

The App for Trainers
July 1, 2016

Life as a Personal Trainer can be overwhelming.  Paperwork is really a thing of the past, but we still need information and data on our clients to be able to monitor their goals and push them to achieve success.  There is one app to schedule work, another to create programs, and a text message conversation to communicate with the client.  Say goodbye to this unorganized mess and say hello to AFT: The App for Trainers. 

Cure for a Case of the Mondays
June 27, 2016

It’s the start of the week and again you are faced with a bad mood when you think of the work or school day ahead and those five long days until the next weekend.  You, my friend, have a case of the Mondays. Boo. 

Deep Water Fitness for Knee & Hip Problems
June 22, 2016

Aqua Fitness is an incredible workout with many health benefits.  It is an optimal format for individuals with knee and hip problems.  Deep Water Fitness is especially effective.

11 Fitness Tips for Pregnant Women
June 22, 2016

FiTOUR® recommends pregnant women discuss an exercise plan of action with a doctor and take a few simple precautions when exercising.  FiTOUR® suggests these 11 Fitness Tips for pregnant women:   

2 Valuable Benefits of Indoor Cycle
June 22, 2016

Indoor Cycle improves cardiorespiratory fitness, core strength, upper and lower body muscular endurance, and speed; it reduces resting heart rate and blood pressure.  There are two benefits of Indoor Cycle (and group exercise in general) that I think are of incredible value and often overlooked.  Top on my list: mood and appeal.