FiTOUR® Fitness Instructor Certifications

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About the Programs

Looking for an affordable, nationally recognized, advanced fitness certification? Join the thousands of fitness professionals who have chosen to become a FiTOUR® Professional and take your fitness instruction to the next level! FiTOUR® offers various certification programs for any fitness instructor or trainer looking to advance their knowledge while simultaneously creating a marketing edge for themselves as a serious fitness professional.

FiTOUR® offers a variety of programs using multiple delivery methods to accomodate every fitness professional. Choose from:

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FiTOUR® Certification Courses -- Today $79.99 (Regular $299)

Group Exercise Study Materials

Group Exercise

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Boot Camp Fitness Study Materials

Boot Camp Fitness

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Primary Personal Training Study Materials

Primary Personal Training

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Advanced Personal Training Study Materials

Advanced Personal Training

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Indoor Cycling Study Materials

Indoor Cycling

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Aqua Study Materials


$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Primary Pilates Study Materials

Primary Pilates

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Advanced Pilates Study Materials

Advanced Pilates

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Primary Yoga Study Materials

Primary Yoga

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Advanced Yoga Study Materials

Advanced Yoga

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Kickbox Study Materials


$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Core & Functional Training Study Materials

Core & Functional Training

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Stability Ball Fitness Study Materials

Stability Ball Fitness

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Step Study Materials


$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Group Barbell Study Materials

Group Barbell

$299 - TODAY $79.99 !

Additional Certification Courses -- Today $99.99! (Regular $299)

Hatha Yoga Study Materials

Hatha Yoga

$299 - TODAY $99.99 !

Modern Pilates Study Materials

Modern Pilates

$299 - TODAY $99.99 !

Youth Fitness Study Materials

Youth Fitness

$299 - TODAY $99.99 !

Senior Fitness Study Materials

Senior Fitness

$299 - TODAY $99.99 !

Primary Nutrition Study Materials

Primary Nutrition

$299 - TODAY $99.99 !

Advanced Nutrition Study Materials

Advanced Nutrition

$299 - TODAY $99.99 !

Certification Policies

  • Specialist, Practitioner, and Master Practitioner Course programs may be purchased seperately ($75 administration fee wiaved if purchasing all courses together)
  • All required courses have been designed by the FiTOUR® team and are tested by top fitness professional to ensure the highest quality of excellence.
  • Application fee of $75 for FiTOUR® Specialist, FiTOUR® Practitioner, and FiTOUR® Master Practitioner. Fee waived if purchasing program as a package!
  • There is no time limit to purchase and complete a course. However, the program that you enrolled in must be completed within 2 years after registration.
  • You must receive a minimum score of 75% on each of the course examinations. If you do not receive the minimum score, retests are available for any exam for a $25 fee.
  • The certificates received for any program are valid for 2 years. $25 renewal fee to renew!


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