Pilates Certification Primary (in Spanish)

Manual de Certificacian Primaria de Pilates

Joseph Pilates developed one of the most comprehensive health & fitness regimens seen in the modern era.  Since Pilates-based programs hit the fitness scene in the late 90’s, millions of people have been practicing Pilates matwork in health clubs and fitness studios.  FiTOUR®’s Primary Pilates Certification Program is a comprehensive Fitness Training Course designed to qualify Group Fitness Instructors, Yoga Instructors and Personal Trainers  to teach safe & effective Pilates Mat classes.

FiTOUR®’s comprehensive Fitness Trainer Courses provide you with professional tools to further your career in the fitness industry.

FiTOUR®’s Primary Pilates Instructor Certification program provides comprehensive insight into the Pilates Principles.  Group Fitness Trainers will learn how to practically apply the Pilates Principles to providing students with a safe Group Fitness Pilates Mat class.

The FiTOUR® Pilates Certification Programs are an ideal professional tool for Personal Trainers.  Personal Trainers will learn valuable information on how to apply the Pilates Principles to Core and Pilates exercises in a One-On-One Training Session.   FiTOUR®’s Primary Pilates Program explains how to progress from the Body Awareness Exercises to the Intermediate Level Format.

Language of Materials and Exam: 
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Primary Pilates Certification Exam and Online Study Materials (in Spanish)

This registration includes the in-home certification course and access to the online study materials. Hard copy study manual not included.

Program Overview: 

The FiTOUR® Primary Pilates Instructor Certification Program will provide you with an understanding of the History of Pilates and the philosophy of Joseph Pilates.  You will understand how to instruct proper body mechanics and movement during a Pilates Workout Session.

  • Safe progression of your students and clients through the Pilates Progressions:
    • Body Awareness
    • Beginner Mat Exercises
    • Intermediate Mat Exercises
    • Designing and Implementing a Pilates Exercise Mat Program for a Group Exercise Format
  • Understand how to design and implement a  Pilates Mat Program for Group Exercise
  • Understand how to incorporate Pilates Principles and Methods in Group Exercise sessions such as Yoga Pilates Fusion, Body Sculpting, Core Conditioning, Personal Training and more!


  • Successful completion of the FiTOUR®’s Primary Pilates Instructor Certification Program provides employers, students and clients with the mark of distinction and excellence.
  • Successful completion of FiTOUR®’s  Primary Pilates Instructor Certification Program will give you to the confidence to apply for a position as a Pilates Mat Instructor.
  • Successful completion of FiTOUR®’s Primary Pilates Instructor Certification Program will provide Personal Trainers with the professional tools necessary to provide One-On-One Training Clients with the benefits of Pilates training.
Study Materials: 

The online study material for this FiTOUR® certification listed below is FREE! with registration. All FiTOUR® certification exams are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to review the study materials in advance of the certification to ensure a higher examination success rate.

  • FiTOUR® Primary Pilates Online Study Manual - $19.99 -- FREE!
  • FiTOUR® Primary Pilates  Online Study Videos - $24.99 -- FREE!
  • FiTOUR® Primary/Advanced Pilates Hard Copy Study Manual -- $20

Practice Examinations are available for all certifications - $9.99