Group Fitness Certification Advanced

FiTOUR Advanced Group Exercise Study Materials

Get the necessary tools to begin your career as a Group Fitness Instructor with FiTOUR®’s group fitness instructor certification. You’ll learn how to share fitness and health with others in a fun and enjoyable group setting with FiTOUR®’s Advanced Group Exercise Certification.

The FiTOUR® Advanced Group Fitness Certification is for all fitness professionals who teach exercise in a group setting – whether you are a Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer. The FiTOUR® Advanced Group Exercise Certification is also great for experienced Group Exercise Instructors who would like to brush up on fitness instructor technique and execution or who would like to renew their Group Fitness Instructor certification.

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Advanced Group Exercise Certification Exam and Online Study Materials

This registration includes the in-home certification course and access to the online study materials. Hard copy study manual not included.


Advanced Group Exercise Certification Exam and Hard Copy Study Materials

This registration includes the in-home certification course, access to the online study materials, and the hard copy study manual. The study manual will be shipped to your home.
Program Overview: 

The FiTOUR® Group Fitness Instructor Advanced Certification Course will provide the group fitness instructor with in-depth information regarding safety guidelines, advanced concepts in kinesiology and biomechanics, working with special populations and the variety of group exercise programs that are offered throughout the United States. The FiTOUR® Group Exercise Instructor Advanced Certification Course will expand on the information and knowledge learned in the FiTOUR® Group Fitness Instructor Primary Certification Course through the following topics:

  • Advanced Concepts in Kinesiology and Biomechanics
  • 32-Count Choreography
  • Resistance Training Classes
  • Indoor Cycling Classes
  • Aqua Fitness Classes
  • Senior Fitness Classes
  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness Classes
  • Mind/Body Classes
  • Other Types of Group Exercise Classes
  • Class Examples
  • Dance Aerobics
    • Hi/Lo
    • Low Impact Aqua Fitness
    • ShallowWater
    • DeepWater Indoor Cycling
  • Seniors
    • Chair
    • Circuit
    • Boot Camp
  • Pre and Post-Natal Class Mind/Body Class
    • Pilates and Yoga Combination Muscle Conditioning Classes
    • Body Sculpting
    • Resistance Training

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Advanced Group Fitness Instructor:

  • Successful completion of the Advanced Group Exercise Instructor Certification Program assures employers and clients that you carry the mark of excellence through dedication to expanding your knowledge through study to become a Certified Fitness Instructor with FiTOUR®’s Group Exercise Instructor Certification
  • Personal Trainers will learn valuable information on how to successfully provide their Group Clients with effective programming and motivation
  • Successful completion of the Advanced Group Exercise Instructor Certification Program, will provide you with confidence when applying for a Group Exercise Instructor job
  • Holding a current Advanced Group Exercise Instructor Certification will give you the credentials needed to obtain group fitness insurance.
Group Exercise Certification Advanced
Study Materials: 

The FiTOUR® online study material for this FiTOUR® certification listed below is FREE! with registration. All FiTOUR® certification exams are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to review the study materials in advance of the certification to ensure a higher examination success rate.

  • FiTOUR® Advanced Group Exercise Online Study Manual- $19.99 -- FREE!
  • FiTOUR® Advanced Group Exercise Online Study Videos- $24.99 -- FREE!
  • FiTOUR® Primary & Advanced Group Exercise Hard Copy Study Manual --  $20! 

Practice Examinations are available for all certifications - $9.99