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FiTOUR ® Primary Yoga Certification

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Course review: ( 64 customer reviews)

Very informative and helpful for my Yoga teaching I highly recommend the Primary Yoga Certifica ... Read More Posted by Renee C.

Great Certification. Awesome Lead Trainer. Excellent certification. It's just what I nee ... Read More Posted by EbethFitness, Dallas Texas

Wonderful Training! This is a great instructor who I really enjoy ... Read More Posted by Heidi from Hickory Creek, TX

Primary Yoga Study Materials

Learn the History of Yoga and various methods of popular forms of Hatha Yogain the FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Certification Course.  The course covers Yoga Anatomy, The Eight Limbs of Yoga, The Yoga Diet and Breath Control.  The FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Certification Program will give you detailed information on how to provide your students with a safe Hatha Yoga class in a yoga studio or fitness class environment.

FiTOUR®’s comprehensive Mind & Body Fitness Trainer Courses provide you with professional tools to further your career as an accomplished Mind & Body Fitness Instructor.

FiTOUR®’s Primary Yoga Instructor Certification Program provides comprehensive insight into Hatha Yoga.  You will be gain knowledge on the most popular forms of Hatha Yoga and how to provide students with a safe Hatha Yoga class in a yoga studio or  group fitness environment.

The FiTOUR® Yoga Certification Programs are designed with Instructors who teach Yoga classes at a fitness center and yoga studio in mind.  FiTOUR®’s Primary Yoga Certification Program provides valuable information on how to design and implement a Hatha Yoga class.


The FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Instructor Certification Program will provide you with a view of the History and Origin of Hatha Yoga.  In addition you will learn valuable information on how to design a safe Yoga class that will provide your students with the benefits of Yoga practice.

  • Safe progression of your students and clients through the Pilates Progressions:
    • Standing Postures
    • Seated Postures
    • Relaxation
  • Class Design
    • Understand how to design a Hatha Yoga class
    • Understand how to transition through Yoga Poses in a systematic manner
    • Understand how to safely progress students through Yoga Postures
    • Understand how to select yoga music


  • Successful completion of the FiTOUR®’s Primary Yoga Instructor Certification Program provides you with the confidence needed to obtain a job position as a Yoga Teacher
  • Successful completion of FiTOUR®’s  Primary Yoga Instructor Certification Program will give you the knowledge necessary to teach a safe and effective Yoga class
  • Successful completion of FiTOUR®’s Primary Yoga Instructor Certification Program will provide Personal Trainers with the professional tools necessary to provide One-On-One Yoga Training Sessions to Clients

Study Materials

The FiTOUR® ONLINE study material for this FiTOUR® certification listed below is FREE! with registration. A hard copy manual is also available for only $10! All FiTOUR® certification exams are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to review the study materials in advance of the certification to ensure a higher examination success rate.

Flip it over, turn it upside down and you get the Advanced Yoga study material also FREE!

Primary Yoga-Advanced Yoga Double Manual

  • FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Online Study Manual- $19.99 FREE!
  • FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Online Study Videos - $24.99 (6 hours of a FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Workshop) FREE!

Practice Examinations are available for all certifications-$9.99

Choose a certification option

In-Home Option

This certification course can be taken online from the comfort and convenience of your home. The Official Online Study Manual & Online Study Videos are INCLUDED FREE!!

FiTOUR® Primary Yoga & Online Study Material- ONLY $79.99! SAVE $200!
FREE Backpack with $99.99 certification packageFiTOUR® Primary Yoga & Hard Copy Study Manual - ONLY $89.99! SAVE $200!
Workshop Option

This certification course is offered in many cities in the US in the form of a "live" workshop by one of our qualified Master Trainers. The Official Online Study Manual & Online Study Videos are INCLUDED FREE!!

FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Certification & Online Study Material- $79.99! SAVE $200!
FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Certification & Hard Copy Study Manual - ONLY 89.99! SAVE $200!

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Featured Reviews

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Very informative and helpful for my Yoga teaching

I highly recommend the Primary Yoga Certification with Fitour. The online videos were great and I really enjoyed learning! I am even taking the Hatha Yoga and will eventually take the Advanced Yoga! Thank you Fitour!

Posted 6/14/14 by Renee C.

Great Certification. Awesome Lead Trainer.

Excellent certification. It's just what I needed to get started to teach yoga.

Posted 6/13/14 by EbethFitness, Dallas Texas

Wonderful Training!

This is a great instructor who I really enjoyed! Her upbeat attitude and tone of voice made it FUN! Lots of helpful tips to remember some of the material. I would recommend to any fellow instructors.

Posted 8/6/13 by Heidi from Hickory Creek, TX

Excellent Study Materials, Comprehensive Exam.

Posted 1/22/13 by Happy With Fitour

informative and fun

Posted 2/12/12 by Katherine from Seminole, TX

i think fitour is an awesome fitness industry

i am an adamant and firm beliver in practicing the art and science of yoga. ive been demonstrating yog for 15yrs. it has brought tremendous health and fitness to my life i know that yo

Posted 2/10/12 by

Loved it, can do it from comfort of my home!

Posted 2/5/12 by Anonymous

Great Value!!

Tons of information...absolutely the best bang for your buck....Two year renewals for $25. I love it!

Posted 1/9/12 by Sheri from Swansea, IL

Easy to follow.

The DVD's and training manuals are professionally done. This program was very helpful in my understanding and practice of Yoga. I look forward to pursuing other certifications. The cost and time is minimal. I love the fact that I don't have to take time away from my place of employment which results in lost wages, don't have travel expenses (gas, hotels, meals) and I can study at my own pace. I love your business. Thank you.

Posted 9/25/11 by debby meierhoefer from Cleveland, TN

enjoyed the book, the video, and the work shop. thanks.

the workshop was awesome! I really liked the package including the video and the book. Will look foward to using the book as a source for my classes.

Posted 4/11/11 by Lise Dearborn from dallas, TX

Great Company - Great Prices!!

I loved being able to take my time and get my certification at home.

Posted 11/15/10 by Angela from Maryville, TN

Complete review for basics

I thought this cert was great for somebody like myself just getting into teaching Yoga, although I have been taking classes for over 2 years. I teach all other types of classes and this cert has given me a greater understanding of the basic Yoga as I have been taking it. Thank you.

Posted 11/6/10 by Heather

Detailed yet easy to understand

This course was very detailed yet very easy to understand. It delved deeply into the history but could have been more detailed in the asanas portion. CarolAnn was very thorough in her review of the book on the DVD. Her tips made remembering key portions very easy. I'm so happy with my Primary certification that I took the Advanced Yoga certification immediately after. I'm also impressed that the renewal process seems to be easy and inexpensive. My prior certifications were with AFPA but FiTour is much more affordable and doesn't require additional money for CEC's. Instead of renewing my personal trainer certification with AFPA, I purchased the PT courses with FiTour and am waiting on delivery. Overall, I am very satisified with FiTour and will definitely continue with them.

Posted 10/21/10 by Kristina from Dothan, AL

Great Program

I'm so excited to begin teaching yoga!

Posted 10/20/10 by Jennifer from Shallotte, NC

I feel I was very well educated by this program!

Posted 10/8/10 by Kindell from Hinesville , GA

very challenging and informative -- a well thought out certification.

Posted 9/6/10 by Anonymous


Everthing you wanted to know about Yoga and more.

Posted 7/11/10 by Robert Bucey from Mingo Jct, OH

Great price with fast and thorough training

After I received my package, I just can't wait to start the program. I spent couple days to study the material and DVD. The DVD is really helpful for people who have hard time to remember the sanskrit name for different type of pose and breathing technique. Overall, I'm very satisfied of what I learned, and can't wait to get another certificate with FiTour.

Posted 4/24/10 by Vickey from Las Cruces, NM

This is so helpful to be able to go online and take my renewal exam and get the results right after. It makes it so convenient to stay certified with FiTour.

Posted 3/23/10 by Kimberly Lutgen from Leavenworth, KS

This is my second certification with FiTOUR!!

I recently completed my Primary Pilates certification with FiTOUR and now I have completed my Primary Yoga certification!! I learned a great deal with the yoga certifications - not just the poses, but the spiritual aspects of the art as well. I can always refer to the DVDs for reinforcement. Next on my certification agenda - advanced Pilates/Yoga!!

Posted 3/9/10 by Stephanie D. Jones from West Orange, NJ

Wonderful Instructors!

Tracy was wonderful. She had an amazing mastery of both the written and physical aspects of the material. She will keep me coming back for more!

Posted 2/8/10 by Brittani from Ball Ground, GA

Very thorough! I'm really glad it did it this way!

Posted 2/7/10 by Jill from Raleigh, NC

Lots of terms to memorize

This certification was challenging by learning and memorizing the terms and working on the correct execution of the poses and combos. But it was also very interesting. I already incorporate Yoga poses in my workouts but will look into teaching an actual Yoga class.

Posted 2/6/10 by Heide from Saline, MI

I learned alot.

Posted 12/4/09 by Susan Bristol from Chewelah, WA

Great certification, awsome knowlege base.

Posted 11/23/09 by Becky from Pink Hill, NC

Informative and interesting

Posted 10/13/09 by Barbara Pieklo from Key Largo, FL

Posted 10/12/09 by Dezire Stover from Hephzibah , GA

I 'm happy with this program. It was affordable.

This program was what I was looking for. Something I could do at home. I have 3 kids and they are all involved in different sports. This allowed me to do this on my own time. Thank you. It was affordable and also allows me to further my education and come back for more certifications.

Posted 9/21/09 by melissa from chehalis, WA

Excellent Class, Motivated and very knowledgeable Instructor!

Posted 7/12/09 by Anonymous

I thought I knew a lot but....

I've practiced yoga for the past 10 years and thought I knew quite a bit about yoga. The precise, practical way that the class is presented gives a great overview and is easier to digest than other books I've studied.

Posted 6/20/09 by Patricia from Moreno Valley, CA


Had lots of fun while learning the Art of Yoga...

Posted 5/19/09 by Lori from Port St Lucie, FL

Great website!

I love the ability to complete the course online at my convenience!

Posted 4/22/09 by Anonymous

Loved the workshop!

Posted 1/27/11 by Summer Goodwin from Colorado Springs, CO


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