Core & Functional Fitness: Bosu Balance Training


The BOSU Balance Trainer was invented sixteen years ago by David Weck.  The BOSU Balance Trainer is an absolutely key piece of functional fitness equipment.  Workouts with the BOSU can be created to improve athletic ability and daily function alike.  The most unique aspect of BOSU Balance Training, truly setting it apart from many other exercises in functional fitness, is the mind-body connection required to feel successful.  I had the great honor of learning the BOSU Balance Training System in July with Douglas & Candice Brooks at IDEA World Convention.   

Yesterday, I used the BOSU in a group class with eleven stations.  The BOSU was the most challenging station because class participants soon realized balance, while largely created with concentrated core bracing, is largely controlled by the mind.  I asked my class to kneel on the BOSU, I instructed them to begin with two toes on the balance trainer, then lift one toe, then two toes.  I wanted them to develop a level of comfort with the BOSU and gradually increase intensity.  After they mastered the two toes up, I instructed them to try to stand on the BOSU from a kneeling position.  When the circuit began, every single one of them attempted to go from kneeling to standing without any of the “toe nonsense.”  Not one of them could accomplish the task.  “You make it look so easy,” they said.  I smiled and said, “Thank you, but would you humor me, and try the toes.  If we get to two toes up today, I’ll call it a successful day.” 

One of my favorite aspects of BOSU Balance Training is truly how humbling it is.  Everyone finds challenge with BOSU.  It pushes our clients outside their comfort zone and forces them to focus.  Balance training is a critical aspect of functional fitness.  When I have a client with great balance, rocking a tree pose for hours or dancer for days, often the BOSU is the tool I turn to for continued improvement.  When I have a senior with weak hips, the BOSU is the tool I turn to.  On the BOSU Balance Trainer, the abs work functionally in standing, kneeling, seated, side-lying, prone and supine positions.  Workouts can be challenging as traditional isolation or stabilization exercises where the goal of the exercise is to maintain a neutral, properly aligned spine. 

The BOSU Balance Trainer is exceptional and truly an invaluable tool for all group exercise instructors and personal trainers.  If you aren’t using BOSU, you should be.  

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