Tips to Include Myofascial Release at Your Facility
February 19, 2018

In fitness, we define the F.I.T.T Principle as: frequency, intensity, type, and time.  We include this principle in program design for group exercise and personal training clients in five areas:

  1. Cardiovascular endurance
  2. Muscular strength
  3. Muscular endurance
  4. Flexibility
  5. Body composition


Are You a Dedicated Fit Pro?
August 16, 2017

As a group exercise instructor or personal trainer, if you are dedicated to the job, you are very likely successful.  You create new choreography for class, you stay on top of the latest music, you chat with your clients and class members.  You make people feel included.  You correct form and stress the value of eating well and drinking loads of water.  Maybe, like Todd Durkin, you text message your clients motivating videos every morning to start their day right.  You are dedicated to the job and your people.

Rule Number One: Be Present
July 10, 2017

For me, a major challenge as an employed human with kids, is being present.  My colleague and friend, Kristen Benton, speaks to this issue eloquently and with great passion; her advice always strikes a chord with me.

Self Myofascial Release Foam Roller
June 21, 2017

Foam Rolling, or Self Myofascial Release (SMR) is a method of self-massage.  Originally used in a therapeutic setting, foam rolling is currently trending in the fitness industry because of its proven results at increasing flexibility, relieving pain, and improving mobility overall.  SMR can be performed with a foam roller, tennis balls, or hands.  There are a variety of types of foam rollers:

  • cylindrical rollers
  • half rollers
  • contoured rollers
  • grid rollers
  • deep-tissue rollers


30+ Ways to Play with the Lebert Equalizer
June 20, 2017

 Invented by Marc Lebert to help a client progress into a pull-up, the Lebert® Equalize is a fantastic tool for group fitness and personal training.  Based on the science of bodyweight training and functional training, the Equalizers are versatile tools for agility, bodyweight, and core training.  For beginners through advanced clients, these tools can help us push clients and make those movements that often feel unattainable, like a pull up, a reality. 

Association of Group Exercise Professionals
June 20, 2017

In a recent survey, 50% of our customers indicated that the cost of education is their biggest challenge in the fitness industry.  Largely comprised of part-time group instructors, our customers find it hard to balance how much (or little) we make with how much we spend to remain current in our certifications and up-to-date with industry trends. 

Fitness Journey: What is Your WHY?
May 31, 2017

What is your reason, or your why, for working in fitness?  Many of your class participants would benefit from understanding why you do what you do. This week, share with your clients or classes why you do fitness & make healthy choices.  Encourage them to talk about the reasons they have created fitness or nutrition goals.  

Life on the Sidelines
May 18, 2017

On Mother’s Day, I convinced my three kiddos to ride their bikes to church.  Or I bribed them with donuts to ride their bikes to church.   When we got to church, I realized I didn’t have my cell phone and I panicked for a minute.  After Sunday School, we rode our bikes to the park.  I played with them for about thirty minutes on the playground, we played tag, and tried to do handstands against trees.  Then we rode our bikes home.  Not having my cell phone was so great!  I think it turned my task focused mind off and allowed my fun mom mind to take over.

SPRING IS HERE! Time to Get the Family Moving
April 26, 2017

Winter is never an easy season, but it can be particularly rough when you have a family. Kids are often full of energy, and keeping them inside during the cold, grey months can be maddening. What’s even worse is how your family gets used to being inactive and unhealthy. It’s no wonder we all get so giddy at the onset of spring!

13 Responsibilities of a Group Exercise Instructor
April 11, 2017

As a group exercise instructor, our responsibility is all encompassing and entirely under the scrutiny of a room of people with a variety of needs and likes.  What one person loves, another one hates.  What one person can do, another cannot.  The song Tami requested makes Carl want to run for the hills.  Maxine’s form is verging on dangerous and Jessie’s is spot on.  Randall will never get back on a BOSU and Sandy wants BOSU at every station.  You cannot possibly create a workout, playlist, nor cue in a manner that works for the whole room – but gues