IFG: The Benefits of Insurance for Instructors

Benefits of Insurance for Instructors

Why Having Personal Liability Insurance as a Personal Trainer Matters 

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room before we even open the gate on insurance talk—yes, we’re an insurance company, and yes, we’re about to make an argument for you—a professional who, spoiler alert, is in our market—to hop on the personal liability insurance train.

But here’s the thing—we’re not telling you this to sell you insurance for the sake of just lining our pockets. We’re telling you this to sell you insurance because, as a professional in the personal training industry, it is absolutely vital that you’re covered. 


Because if you have goals, ambition, and want to help people, by not ensuring you’re covered, you’re setting yourself (and those goals and those ambitions) back in a significant way. 

We’ll dive deeper into this in a moment, but first, we’re going to be super blunt—without personal liability insurance protecting you, you’re the only one who’s on the hook if something bad happens. There’s an unfortunate accident with one of your clients? You’re on the hook. You’re somehow involved in a legal battle? You’re on the hook. 

That means that legal coverage, damages, costs, and a dent in your reputation are all on the line if you’re not in the personal liability insurance camp. 

We don’t just sling insurance for the heck of it, we’re actually a part of the personal training world in a very real way, so we know how important and valuable personal liability insurance actually is. 

If you’re a personal trainer who’s just now looking into personal liability insurance, don’t worry—it’s never too late to get the coverage you deserve. If you’re still on the fence about personal liability insurance, that’s OK, too—but we’re definitely here to help. 

Check out a few of the primary reasons we believe the personal liability insurance can benefit you, your business, and your personal training aspirations.  

Personal Liability Insurance Protects Your Business & Lightens Your Risk 

Maybe it’s hard to imagine a situation where you’d need personal liability insurance—someone getting hurt, someone wrongfully accusing you of something, or any sort of damage.

But, the reality is, these things unfortunately happen. Trainers make mistakes. Clients sue for damages that may or may not be justified. Reputations take hits. It’s all a part of the way our world works. But these things don’t have to be detrimental to your business, your reputation, or your lofty personal training aspirations. 

Without personal liability insurance, you’re taking a few pretty big gambles—you’re gambling that no client you have will ever sue you; that if you are sued by a client for justified or unjustified causes, you can cover all the financial needs without bleeding your business dry; that, if a client did sue you and you did have to pay a substantial amount, your business’ reputation wouldn’t suffer. 

If you’re choosing to opt-out of personal liability insurance, you’re leaving yourself and your business open to a substantial amount of risk—if you’re sued, and you don’t have insurance, there’s no partner there to take your claim to. It’s just you—and you’re stuck with the burdens that go hand-in-hand with that. 

With personal liability insurance, though, you’re partnering with a company whose job it is to protect you when those things do happen. An insurance company as your partner is going to take over claim investigation, dealing with legalese, and financially (in most cases) handling your case. In other words, if you have personal liability insurance through an insurance company, they automatically become your partner in dealing with the tough stuff—the financial responsibility of paying claims, the investigation, the legal process, etc. 

Personal Liability Insurance Shows Your Clients You’re Taking Your Biz Seriously 

Often times, being a personal trainer means that you’re running your own, small business—something we think is pretty amazing (and we’re sure you’ll agree). As a small business, though, you already know the battle of getting people to take you seriously. If you’re choosing to opt-out of personal liability insurance, you face the potential of a perceived lack of professionalism in the eyes of your clients and employers. Having a professional liability policy is, oftentimes, that added bonus that a client needs to work with you—they know you take your job seriously and that you’re covered on all fronts. People often want real, concrete proof that you’re taking your responsibilities seriously It’s a level of professionalism and credibility that (most) people find to be reassuring. 

Personal Liability Insurance Helps You Branch Out 

Some might see this as a fringe benefit, while others might see it as the overarching reason that they dive into the personal liability insurance thing. When you’re a personal trainer and you’re working for a gym, a studio,  etc., you’re likely (at least somewhat) covered by their insurance (though, spoiler alert, even if you do work for a gym, you probably still need your own personal liability insurance). For a lot of trainers, they look at that insurance coverage from a gym as a reason to be an employee there—when, in reality, they want to branch off and do their own thing. In a lot of cases, that minuscule coverage keeps trainers where they are. But with your own quality, personal liability insurance, you have the freedom to run your own business your own way—you don’t need to work for someone else to be covered! Personal liability insurance gives you that freedom! 

Personal liability insurance is as vital to running a successful personal training business as the ability to create a stellar workout program for your clients—we truly believe that. No matter how talented, experienced, and professional you are, if you’re running your personal training business without personal liability insurance, you’re basically leaving room for an accident, a wrongful lawsuit, a single case, to take away everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Protect yourself, protect your business, and protect your aspirations with personal liability insurance. The world needs your talent and your skills. You have the power to truly make a significant difference in the lives of so many people—don’t let something as simple as a lack of personal liability insurance take that away!

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