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Indoor Cycling Certification (in Spanish)

Posted June 20, 2016 by LINGUA INTERNACIONALE
Estoy muy contenta con la certificación y con Misden que nos ha enseñado bastante. Continuaré preparándome con ustedes SALUDOS!

Aqua Certification Primary

Aqua Fitness
Posted June 6, 2016 by Kim, from the NorthCoast, USA
I was certified in Aqua Fitness many years ago. This was a nice way to review information, as I am getting back into the fitness teacher world! Thank you!
Learned a great deal in an easy format.
Posted June 3, 2016 by Kathy from Poulsbo Athletic Club
Fitour Aqua Certification program was informative and easy to follow. I am a senior citizen and this program taught me the how and why of the different exercises used in the aqua fitness classes at the pool where I exercise. I feel confident that I am ready to start teaching classes. If was a real bargain, as well.
5 Stars
Posted May 25, 2016 by Mike Avey, Tulsa, Ok
I was impressed with the depth of knowledge Fitour Aqua Certification Course offered! Great review of some anatomy & physiology as well as very in depth illustrations and descriptions of the numerous exercises!!! Fitour far exceeded my expectations with this course! I'm eager to tackle future courses! Thanks!
Challenging and thorough
Posted April 30, 2016 by Aqua Dee
Great Aqua instruction and explanation of the fitness components necessary to become and effective instructor. It was also challenging.
Excellent training
Posted April 2, 2016 by Guillermina Osoria
Excellent instructor! She made the course easy to understand and follow! Thank you!
Great WEbsite
Posted March 21, 2016 by Graciela Gray-Cude
The Aqua Instructor certification presentation and materials are excellent. I have been teaching for many years and needed to renew my certification.FiTOUR made it easy ,affordable and convenient ,plus I got new information and great choreography tips.
Great course, very straightforward
Posted March 15, 2016 by Belle of the Barre from Watertown, MA
I was really surprised at how in depth this course was. I know that FITour isn't the primary aqua certification and I just needed a basic one for teaching at a resort. I really learned a lot from this course, not just about aqua, but general group exercise in general. The instructor is quite amiable and though she does go off on tangents, she does explain things very well and she couldn't be more clear about what is on the exam and what isn't. The study guide is extremely helpful, and so are the videos that show the movement in the water and the pictures in the study guide. Great course overall.
Great Relevant Material
Posted March 9, 2016 by L Golden, Aqua Instructor
This course was very beneficial in obtaining my Aqua Instructor Certification. The online material lecture part was a bit fast, but the instructor prepped me for the exam very well, and I had no difficulties passing my first time. I will definitely recommend Fitour to anyone who wishes to take an online certification course.
It was a fair test however there were some ? With wrong answers
Posted February 16, 2016 by Debi Wagner

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Very Informative And Thorough
Posted June 5, 2016 by Joseph Frith from Team Frith Health and Wllness
I feel the Primary Personal Training Certification was excellent. My Health and Wellness business will benefit greatly for the Certification and all its content. Thank you Fitour.
Great Experience
Posted March 25, 2016 by Laura, Texas
Thank you. I learned so much and the DVD was very helpful to follow along with the study guide. Absolutely everything that was on the test had been gone over thoroughly through the study materials. Enjoyed it.
Renweal Exam
Posted March 13, 2016 by Smedi
Renewal exam provides fundamental and distinct questions testing the standard knowledge for kinesiology and exercise training
Posted February 19, 2016 by Shannon Payne, CPT
Fitour has made it possible for me to become Certified without going broke! The book is Very informative and comes with the Primary & Advanced trainer certification guide. This is especially perfect for those of you just starting out. I recommend Fitour to Everyone! Thank You!

Group Fitness Certification Primary

Very good documentation, learned alot.
Posted May 27, 2016 by Lori J Leier, ND
This is a very good certification class, the documentation is good and easy to follow.
Certification made easy
Posted May 25, 2016 by Carol
Was really pleased with the training material and video for the online certification for Group Fitness. It was a work at your own pace, very thorough and was provided adequate time for the exam. I will use Fitour for future certifications.
FiTOUR Group Exercise Certification with Joyce Hayes
Posted May 22, 2016 by Melissa (g
Just took the FiTOUR Group Exercise Certification Workshop with Joyce Hayes. What an informative and wonderful experience! Joyce was an excellent trainer and made everything easy to understand. She gave so many visuals and had everyone participate. I would highly recommend Joyce to anyone wanting to receive certification. I was extremely prepared and she answered all of my questions. Couldn't have asked for anything more--what a great workshop. Can't wait to use everything I learned!
I found this online exam to be very easy to understand.
Posted May 7, 2016 by Anne Group Fitness Instructor
well detailed and informative exam
Posted April 19, 2016 by lori
great learning tool
Posted April 15, 2016 by Jenergy from Detroit
after taking the test once and not doing good. I studied materials and passed !! Good study guide.
Certification process
Posted April 8, 2016 by Getting better all the time...Nancy DP
Challenging but always a learning experience. Generates new tools to improve my class and thus, happier students, which is what I love about being a Fitness instructor!
Great way to certify without breaking the bank!
Posted April 7, 2016 by Linda
FiTour is an excellent way to renew a certificate, it is low cost and can be done at your pace and time allotment. If you have certified before with other organizations and have good practical experience in the field in which you are testing, this is a great way to go.
Great experience
Posted March 5, 2016 by Pamela
Thanks to Fitour, for a conveniant and quality re-certification process. I found the materials well organized and the handling courses and exams on the website, user friendly. Much appreciation!
Excellent Training
Posted March 3, 2016 by Coach Gina Danza
Exam was difficult. I'm glad I studied well. There was one an answer I left blank thinking somehow I could go back to it.
Easy to follow
Posted February 10, 2016 by Theresa Nelson from XtremeFitness&Results
I love doing certification online especially when I have already went to an all day training, just doesn't make since to have to go every year, thank you Fitour for being the leader in the certification world, the information that is provided in this certification is basically the same information provided in the other leading certifications, minus the extremely higher prices, alot of the information in the higher priced one most group x instructors will not even use on a daily basis, especially the nutrition portion, on one cert very well known it was alot of nutrition information almost too much for a Group x cert it would have been good for a sports conditioning cert but for group x I felt was too much. Thank you Fitour I will continue to get my certs from your company, Serving Group X classes for over 13 years.

Personal Training Certification ADVANCED

Advanced Certification
Posted April 25, 2016 by Pete Cantu
Great information and very affordable!!
Excellent Course
Posted April 22, 2016 by Rose Rodriguez Certified Trainer
This course is great, the study material is laid out well so that it is understandable and easy to use when you need to look up something quickly while working with clients. The study videos are easy to understand and they use actual people and the skill they are discussing in their videos. My original personal training course is through another well known provider but this one was much more educational.

FiTOUR® Primary Sports Nutrition Certification

Great Information! Great Course!
Posted April 12, 2016 by Sharon Hogg from Curry, Alabama
I just finished my Primary Nutrition Re-Certification. I have been in Group Fitness for 30+ years now and have followed Nancy Clark for many of these. Her information is easy to follow, share and use on a daily basis. I recommend all Primary Group Fitness Instructors to take this course. You will learn a lot and understand so much more of what is going on with your body while you are training.

Yoga Certification Primary

great class
Posted February 28, 2016 by Sally Breck, Branson, MO
Excellent textbook reinforced with clear, accurate detailed video by Carol Ann. Photos and yoga combination sheets very helpful for memorizing flows in order to teach properly. Enjoyable learning. Namaste!
when does it end
Posted February 17, 2016 by Kim
I would have liked to have known before beginning how many questions were on the test so I could plan a little better. I finished it just in the nick of time that I had set aside but may have started it at a different time of the day to not feel rushed. 3 hour time limit should be plenty of time for me. I finished in one hour- ish it had 100 questions.