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Personal Training Certification ADVANCED

Posted Julio 9, 2011 by Carolyn Batten from Ooltewah , TN
Good overall program
Posted Enero 28, 2011 by Shane from Bauxite, AR
I think that the stork test needs to be explained in better detail or there needs to be a better picture to show the test. Other than that I have no complaints.

Group Fitness Certification Primary

Posted Junio 24, 2011 by Stephanie Rowe from Cape Coral , FL
The group exercise certification is a very basic study IF you have already studied fitness. If you haven't it is good beginning and the affordability is perfect for a beginning fitness professional. Reading the book first and then watching the DVD for review really helped instill the knowledge
Posted Junio 13, 2011 by Mary Ruth from Birmingham, AL
Rhonda was AWESOME!!!
More physical instruction
Posted Mayo 29, 2011
Most of class was spent on book work for exam, then a work out of participants but there was little instruction on how to do the classroom stuff and how to do chorerography
Posted Mayo 11, 2011 by Anonymous
I enjoyed taking the test but some of the questions were not available for me in your book. I wasn't sure were to reasearch the answer. I also listened to the dvd and she did not say anything either on some questions I missed. I am not a very good test taker but all questions on the test should be in located in the book for definitive answers thankyou
great for basic group x learning.
Posted Abril 11, 2011 by Anonymous
Posted Febrero 14, 2011 by Carrie from Bridge City, TX
I was very happy with how user friendly everything is and I like how you get a DVD to help you as well, however, I was not happy with how long it took for my study guides to get to me. Aparently they were backordered and I was never told,

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Good introductory instr. for those seeking to become PT
Posted Junio 12, 2011 by Tony Scott from Durham, NC
The lessons taught from this material was basic, informative, easy to follow and very good for those who are just entering into the personal training experience. As suggested in your instructions one should continue to build upon the knowledge acquired w/in this material. Thanks
Posted Abril 29, 2011 by Lisa Tonneson from Mandan, ND
Posted Marzo 7, 2011 by Franklin Pelurie from Saint Albans, WV
It would have been helpful to have been able to review the 2 questions I missed.
The video instruction was great!
Posted Enero 29, 2011 by Gayle from Torrance, CA
Over all a great course
Posted Enero 26, 2011 by Amanda Potter from Bauxite, AR
The course was very informative. I enjoyed how it was not extramly formal. I liked how it ws layed back and we were free to talk and discuss but also got done what we needed to get done.
It seemed like a very comprhensive test.
Posted Enero 22, 2011 by Shane from Bauxite, AR
The only negative thing I can say about the exam is that it was very easy.
Question 42
Posted Enero 17, 2011 by Anonymous
This was great! Except one question, I had the right answer. I even looked it up later. They said I got it wrong but I didn't. Great otherwise

Yoga Certification Primary

Posted Junio 10, 2011 by Alexa from Dallas, TX
Posted Abril 26, 2011 by Carol from Dallas, TX
It's good for the beginner yoga instructor. I got a better comfort level with the names of poses and it boosted my confidence to go out and teach a class.

Pilates Certification Primary

Good, knowledgeable instructor.Made group comfortable.
Posted Junio 3, 2011 by Cheryl Webb from Memphis, TN
For those without fitness background more focus on what certain muscle groups are and why we do certain moves/exercise would be helpful.Regarding test, would like to know what I missed since wording/phrasing of question can be misleading and not exactly how stated in trng material.

FiTOUR® Senior Fitness Certification

Posted Mayo 17, 2011 by Diane Buckles from Elizabethtown, KY
The information in the manual was helpful and validated a lot of what I already knew but I was a little disappointed that the publication date was 2003. There is so much new information coming out about exercise and the senior population. Are you planning an updated edition or an addendum to add to this one?Diane Buckles, RN, MSN

Boot Camp Fitness Certification Primary

great basic info, at a very great price
Posted Mayo 2, 2011 by Alejandro from del rio, TX
worth a shot to recieve certificate, and makes u more valuable to earn extra income!!!!
Lots of good info
Posted Abril 16, 2011 by Yogi
Great information, friendly, knowledgeable instructor. Useful information. Not a waste of time or money.
Great Information but wish book was in PDF form
Posted Abril 12, 2011 by Mark from Dallas, TX
All the information need to setup and run a great bootcamp. Thanks you, Mark.P.S. Check question 49 on test I think "complete" is the wrong word in the question? Thanks again, Mark :)

Stability Ball Fitness Certification

Stability Ball exercises are for everyone.
Posted Abril 20, 2011 by Christy from Bartlett, TN
There was a variety of exercises that address the whole body, not just the powerhouse. Exercises are easily taught and the levels enable the instructor to teach any fitness level. Well-organized. I feel that some of the exercise names could be changed to be more user or layperson friendly. Easy for instructor to remember and for the class participants to remember or recognize.

Indoor Cycling Certification Primary

Posted Marzo 26, 2011 by Anonymous
Posted Marzo 22, 2011 by Vanessa Rojas from Lincolnton, NC
Posted Marzo 17, 2011 by Debra from Oak Harbor, WA

FiTOUR® Modern Pilates Certification

very informative
Posted Marzo 13, 2011 by Anonymous
Was a very diverse class, just wish there was a better way to review the text other that lecture.
Posted Febrero 21, 2011 by debbie rosenberg from austin, TX
I learned a lot, but found this difficult to practice without access to Pilates equipment.

Aqua Certification Primary

Easy to follow materials
Posted Marzo 4, 2011 by Anonymous

Certificación de Ciclismo en Interiores

Posted Enero 14, 2011 by Cintia Yaneth Aldape Moreno from Guadalupe, Mex