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FiTOUR® Modern Pilates Certification

Very easy to follow, fun and informative
Posted Marzo 4, 2012 by Missy B
Great cirtification
Posted Febrero 26, 2012 by Neal from Philadelphia, PA
The course information and DVD were valuable in my learning process. The test was great! I am still waiting to get my offical certification in the mail.
The book by Rael Isacowitz is extremely thorough.
Posted Agosto 9, 2011 by Linda Navarro from Hollywood, FL
There was so much involved with the information in this book. It would have been helpful to view a DVD of some of the different exercises on the equipment (maybe mat exercises, too). Unless you've worked on this equipment there is no sure way of knowing the full scope. I recommend a 2 day workshop for this certification. I know I need additional training other than reading and trying the mat exercises on my own.

Group Fitness Certification Primary

Posted Marzo 1, 2012 by Jason Campbell from Amarillo, TX
very thorough
Posted Febrero 11, 2012 by Anonymous
Posted Diciembre 19, 2011 by Trisha from Grand Prairie, TX
great training format
Posted Diciembre 3, 2011 by Tracy Burson from Navarre, FL
Makes learning valuble & obtainable its a great way to enhance ones career
Great test, very easy to take!
Posted Diciembre 1, 2011 by uvaldo perales from austin, TX
Posted Agosto 26, 2011 by Amy Prine from Darlington, WI
I enjoyed this class. It was great to do this on my time and speed. Very informative!!! Would recommend!! Thanks FITOUR!!

Indoor Cycling Certification Primary

Posted Febrero 20, 2012 by Afshi from Roselle, IL
Easy to follow
Posted Agosto 29, 2011 by Stephanie Rowe from Cape Coral , FL
The video portion of this certification was very helpful and detailed. She didn't just read from the manual and demonstrated all techniques for easier understanding. The manual was a great review for general fitness information and has great examples for a beginning instructor to utilize for their first classes!

Pilates Certification Primary

Posted Febrero 19, 2012 by Tracy Thornton from Vestavia, AL

Aqua Certification Primary

Posted Febrero 6, 2012 by Betsy from Parker, CO
Posted Agosto 1, 2011 by Fred from Bella Vista, AR
Really enjoyed the course. Technical information was shared very easily. Once you hit the water, all the information was very user friendly. Instructor was very professional; her knowledge was in-depth, yet on a level that the class could understand.

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

good review of basics
Posted Enero 23, 2012 by susan dupper from loveland, CO
Posted Enero 21, 2012 by Amber from LIBBY, MT
to the point
Posted Diciembre 19, 2011 by Teri Miller from Livingston, MT
Covered all major topics. Very clear in format
Excellent information
Posted Diciembre 6, 2011 by Kelly from BOULDER CITY, NV
The video in conjunction to the manual is an excellent way to drive home the subject manner. I thought this course was very well taught and put together.
Covers All The Basics Very Comprehensively
Posted Agosto 5, 2011 by Patrick Marsh from Towson, MD
I'm doing this on the way to the Master Practitioner certification and the main feedback I would offer is true for any online exam like this where it is possible to be open book - as it would be impossible to police this anyway. I would give no more than one minute of time per question otherwise you leave way too much time for people to hunt for answers and to not really learn the material. This reduces the passing rate for sure but it ensures at least some measure of "memorized" knowledge. I would also suggest mixing up the order of the questions so that they don't run in order with the order of the study material. This again accomplishes some of what my first point was all about. I greatly appreciate the fact that you guys strive to make these certifications affordable but would be a little hesitant to hire a trainer with only these certifications. They do make for great continuing ed and for doing this in a much more economic fashion than many providers out there which is probably the FiTour niche in many ways anyway. Thanks and very solid product. Some typos throughout where words are cut off at bottom of pages. The body comp sites for men seem to be impossible to see and the model appears to have a touch of gynecomastia ( sorry but I've been around a lot of fitness models and bodybuilders over the years ). I'm also not sure if the body fat equations in the booklet are clear enough or perhaps innaccurate. Please don't display this review; some might take it negatively and I wouldn't want that at all. You guys serve a very necessary part of our industry.

Yoga Certification Primary

Posted Enero 20, 2012 by Anonymous
The certification was good. Just a few suggestions: focus the exam more on the poses and check your spelling for the exam. I found a number of misspellings that caused me some confusion on poses and vocabulary.
Good information, inexpensive certification
Posted Septiembre 30, 2011 by Anonymous
If you have limited exposure to yoga, this is probably not the certification for you. I've had exposure and had a very helpful mentor throughout my studying/training, which helped greatly. The study guide is somewhat disjointed, but has everything I needed for gym yoga.

Yoga Certification Advanced

Test questions
Posted Diciembre 27, 2011 by Kimberley Baerman from Centerville, OH
I had questions on some of the questions asked in the test and submitted an inquiry. I hope this helps in increasing my percentage of correct answers.
Posted Octubre 5, 2011 by Rebecca Brower from Overland Park, KS
Just one thing, your mind should "wAnder" on wonder on the candle.

Personal Training Certification ADVANCED

Posted Diciembre 10, 2011 by shannon from rochester, NY
comprehensive and useful
Posted Octubre 14, 2011 by Anonymous
Material in the book/dvd is useful and practical. The exam reflects the material presented in the book/dvd.

Certificacian de Pilates Avanzado

It was okay
Posted Octubre 2, 2011 by Linda Franchini from Jefferson City, MO
great addition to the primary pilates certification
Posted Octubre 1, 2011 by Anonymous

Certificación de Ciclismo en Interiores

Posted Septiembre 30, 2011 by maria eugenia TAMEZ MEZA from monterrey, Mex

Boot Camp Fitness Certification Primary

Very educating course
Posted Agosto 19, 2011 by Iris from Durham, NC
A few of the statements regarding running I do not agree with. The overall experience was a good one.

FiTOUR® Senior Fitness Certification

I learn a lot!
Posted Julio 11, 2011 by Zumba Veronica
I enjoy the experience. I recommend!