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Aqua Certification Primary

see the questions and answer again that I missed
Posted Septiembre 4, 2014 by Jacquelyn Sisco from Hershey, PA
Questions Answered Below were answered incorrectly. Please review.83. The rhomboids are responsible for what joint action?Your Answer: a) Scapular AdductionCorrect Answer: d) A and C92. The plane of movement that divides the body into top and bottom halves.Your Answer: b) Transverse PlaneCorrect Answer: d) B and C What were the correct answer choices wording for these questions?
Love that there is the dvd and not just the book.!
Posted Febrero 3, 2014 by Nicole Beeson from Belleville, ON
Convenient and refreshing
Posted Agosto 5, 2013 by Prisca Denton from Charleston, SC
I love the affordability and the convenience of this certification. It is a great way to refresh my skills.
Love the DVD
Posted Junio 2, 2013 by Kathie from Fort Morgan, CO
DVD was very instructional Like live training better but it was a good substitute

Indoor Cycling Certification Primary

great course
Posted Agosto 30, 2014 by K. Swigert from Oak Ridge, TN
it was fast to obtain
Posted Agosto 20, 2013 by Gabriele Kloiber-Hall from Alabaster, AL

Group Fitness Certification Primary

Good overall review of group fitness instruction
Posted Agosto 29, 2014 by Allison from Bentonville, AR
Fitour offers a solid overall education regarding group fitness. If the information is retained and used, Fitour will help instructors build a solid career.
Appreciated doing the certification from home online
Posted Julio 29, 2014 by Sue Seward from Spicewood, TX
Appreciate the fact that it's affordable and I could study at home online at my own pace and take the exam online. The videos were very good, detailed and easy to follow and so is the manual. The only information that really needs to be updated is the nutritional information which is from 1994.
covers a lot of material and is informative
Posted Julio 27, 2014 by Carrie Holland
Posted Febrero 13, 2014 by tamara tindall from crossville, TN
Posted Noviembre 3, 2013 by Trisha from Fountain, CO
Use Friendly
Posted Septiembre 29, 2013 by Marcia Patterson from Houston, TX
Very good, I think it should show which gym(s) recognize FITOUR certifications.Thank you,Marcia
Posted Septiembre 15, 2013 by Tracie Strain from Newton, KS
Just wanted to make sure the name on the exam is Rebecca Friesen
Posted Julio 27, 2013 by Marcy Nicks from Castle Rock, CO
Posted Diciembre 13, 2012 by TAQUINA DAVIS from Elgin, SC

Pilates Certification Primary

Good important information, easy to get it.
Posted Julio 28, 2014 by Grace Swartz from wilmington, NC
Posted Junio 1, 2013 by perri riseman from winter springs, FL
Posted Mayo 7, 2013 by Barbara Crain from Debary, FL
#18. Irregular shaped bones that stack together to form the spinal column c)Vertebrae was misspelled so I was confused knowing you wouldn't want me to check the singular vertebra as the answer so knowing as you'd said, you wouldn't have trick questions I thought you were just distinguishing between the singular use of the word and the plural. That's why I checked e) none of the above.Thank you,Barbara
Posted Diciembre 2, 2012 by Yaleibis Moraga from Cape coral, FL

Core & Functional Fitness Certification

Posted Junio 27, 2014 by Beth from Jacksonville, FL

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Great Program ...Very efficient and effective
Posted Junio 10, 2014 by Isaac Stephens from Auburn, AL
Great way to keep up to date
Posted Mayo 6, 2013 by Paula Hochman from Clearwater, FL
Love being able to recert (especially with this being my 30th year as a trainer) online. The last question by your manual's definition should be answered Prime Movers (by your definition) even though I know agonist and antagonist is correct
Posted Diciembre 26, 2012 by Paige Quimby from Cherry Valley, NY
Posted Diciembre 17, 2012 by Ryan Court from Charlotte, NC
Self-paced and easy to follow
Posted Noviembre 1, 2012 by kaykay
Couldn't have been easier to learn and complete. Program is well organized and I feel confident in the subject matter it has taught me.
Followed the manual and common sense.
Posted Octubre 8, 2012 by Anonymous

Yoga Certification Primary

Posted Abril 11, 2014 by Julie Zittergruen from Merriam, KS
Lots of information, just need a little more practice.
Posted Septiembre 29, 2013 by Yogimama from UT
I think what you get out of this certification just depends on how much you're willing to put into it. The manual and videos are great, and there are tons of resources online that you can use to further your learning. As you'd expect of an online course, you don't get feedback on your practice and instruction, so that's where you'll need to get creative and start teaching to family and friends so you can gain the experience.

Boot Camp Fitness Certification Primary

Posted Abril 2, 2014 by LeCharles Thomas from Clarksville, TN

Personal Training Certification ADVANCED

I wanted the visual too
Posted Agosto 14, 2013 by Anonymous
I could not study along because I kept getting: "Sorry, there was an issue with playback." I passed the test because the book is an excellent manual but I wanted the visual too.