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Boot Camp Fitness Certification Primary

Good if you know what you are doing.
Posted Mayo 16, 2009 by runningj
I was pleased with the content of this cerfifications study material. The only difficulty of course is the fact that it is on your own study. If I was not already somwhat involved in this area of fitness, this certification wouldn't do me much good outside of personal use. That being said, great value! The diet section is very basic. Also coconut oil should be included in the healthy fats list.
Multiple typos and incorrect information compared to what the manual states.
Posted Junio 9, 2022 by Me
some of the questions are not accurate. there are at least 3 where ALL of the answers are incorrect.
Posted Enero 29, 2020 by sidney from body by sid
the quiz was nice and quick which is good that it does not take a lot of time to complete.

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Posted Mayo 16, 2009 by Gloria Pironti from Jackson, NJ
Took it early and wished I would have waited
Posted Agosto 28, 2021 by Took it early and wished I would have waited
Took it early and wished I would have waited
Posted Agosto 28, 2021 by Took it early and wished I would have waited
personal trainer renewal
Posted Febrero 7, 2019 by Personal Trainer by Eleanor
I took the renewal on line, missed one, disappointed that i couldn't see which one it was.

FiTOUR® Senior Fitness Certification

Posted Mayo 13, 2009 by Anonymous

Indoor Cycling Certification Primary

Some questions need to be re-written.
Posted Abril 27, 2009 by Donnie Davis from Warner Robbins, GA
Question #60 needs to be reviewed. The answer was all of the above, but the glutes are not involved during the Top Dead Point O degrees, so the answer can't be all of the above. Also, #85 is missleading. Rolling Hills in the book says that Rolling Hills can be performed EITHER seated the ENTIRE time or interspersed with standing work. Not just jumps.
Offer the questions/answers that were incorrect please...
Posted Enero 13, 2022 by If Passing offer the incorrect question/answers.

Barre Certification PRIMARY

Sometimes the answers do not match the question…
Posted Febrero 4, 2023 by C

Yoga Certification Primary

It seems as though no one edited this test. Buddha and Buddhism were spelled wrong. One question was written twice. And isn't it time we take Bikram out of our lessons? There are so many more worthy questions.
Posted Octubre 24, 2022 by Carla Hyde, Cape Coral, Florida

Aqua Certification Primary

502 Bad Gateway message popped up several times while taking the exam. Luckily I was able to hit the back arrow and continue each time. It did slow down the process. Also, I had to double check that my answer that I previously selected was still selected.
Posted Julio 16, 2022 by DeeDee
Test is from textbook and reasonable, physiology, physics and applied aquatics
Posted Septiembre 21, 2020 by Passed
Questions 24 is missing the correct answer as an option. Question 6 should be "all are correct, except". Course is helpful for those with previous experience and one on one training for this. As a stand alone preparation for teaching, I would expect more mentored training and real life experience to consider someone certified.
Inexpensive but very dated(revised in 2007)
Posted Abril 14, 2019 by Beverley Burke.
Inexpensive but very dated (revised in 2007) however, I was able to recieve an Aqua certification in 1 day

Core & Functional Fitness Certification

Multiple typographical errors, some questions are not very clear. Several questions are ambiguous to what is in the manual.
Posted Junio 9, 2022 by me
Good content. Exam really ensured you knew your stuff so I'm thankful for that. However, once you submit you don't know how well you did. That is one thing I really don't like
Posted Junio 7, 2021 by B from Bear DE
Posted Mayo 14, 2019 by Kim St. John IN
Wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it was still good and offers good info

Pilates Certification Primary

please provide the questions/answers not correct...
Posted Febrero 14, 2022 by Help us improve with the questions which were not correct in Exam..
I thoroughly enjoyed this course and the instructor. However, I had a lot of issues taking this exam where it would say server not responding. I also did not like that you could not go back to review and change your answers. I also cant contact you!
Posted Diciembre 3, 2020 by Please let me know how I can speak to someone there w questions
overall good exam
Posted Septiembre 18, 2020 by Karla
I thought a couple of the questions were trying to trip me up and were not straight forward.
Good Primary Pilates program
Posted Marzo 11, 2020 by Rebecca from Oregon
I recently earned my Primary Pilates Certification after individually practicing 8 years. The distant learning course provides the fundamentals for new instructors to lead a class. I have taught several classes at my local studio during my first week and it is going well. I am considering the Barre certification program in the future too.

Boot Camp Fitness Certification Advanced

WOW! I passed BUT This was tough. Some questions did not align with the book. The typos in the questions don’t help.
Posted Julio 12, 2021 by MS

Group Fitness Certification Advanced

Adequate for the price and for people who are doing CEC's, but outdated and felt disorganized. Videos were hard to watch.
Posted Mayo 2, 2021 by Regina, Phoenix, AZ

Group Fitness Certification Primary

Great for Basic Info, Not Up-To-Date
Posted Febrero 5, 2020 by Christie
Great if you need something quick and very basic. Easy test. Not great if you're looking for current, up-to-date information. The manual was last updated in 2007. Grateful to have something quick, but in the long run, I'd rather invest in more current material, that will challenge me, and that I know will be accepted in all gyms (like AFAA).
Good for Fitness Theory, Modalities not very current
Posted Octubre 29, 2019 by Kelly from California
This is my first certification, so I don't have anything to compare this course against. My initial response is that the information about the body was very educational. However, a lot of the exercise examples/class types were very out of date. She even mentions roller-blading! So, if you want to learn about fitness theory go for it, but don't expect this course to prepare you to teach a class.
Quality of Group Exercise Certification Training and Exam
Posted Septiembre 17, 2019 by Rosalyn
The material covered was thorough, clearly presented and relevant to this certification. The manual was helpful on what it covered. The videos, however, were simply a reading of the manual. Unless reading is a problem, the videos didn't add much to the instruction or learning. Also, one recommendation is that there be a full section on that describes actual exercises. Videos could be used to show proper form. As for the exam, while I passed with a very strong grade, it would be helpful to know the correct answers to the questions I didn't get right.

FiTOUR® Modern Pilates Certification

Review of re-Certification,Modern Pilates
Posted Diciembre 6, 2019 by Amy V, Liberty Hill, Texas
For some reason, I could not get the review materials up in another window asIi have on previous reviews. That made it no fun. I had to "wing it" but still made a 96 !

Pilates Reformer Certification

Reformer recertification
Posted Noviembre 21, 2019 by Katherine
The study guide and information were very helpful, the test was 25 questions including multiple choice and true/false. I did find that one of the questions was written incorrectly, which I got wrong on the test. I have been told the question was fixed, but I was not given credit for the missed question, which I felt was unfair. This was a quick and convenient way to update my certification, but I am disappointed by the fact that the test question was wrong and I was not given the credit.

FiTOUR® Worksite Health and Wellness Coordinator Certification

Not what I expected
Posted Junio 18, 2019 by Michelle from PA
Being a corporate fitness site coordinator for the past six years, I took this course in the hopes of gaining some ideas of actually programs to utilize in the workplace. I didn't expect it to be based on gathering statistics and marketing. Also, there were numerous grammar/spelling errors.