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Pilates Reformer Certification

How many CEUs
Posted Enero 22, 2019 by Katie
I am wanting to find out if I have any ceu from this certification.

Group Fitness Certification Primary

Great Program
Posted Enero 10, 2019 by Zoe
Going into this with no prior knowledge, this program definitely covered the basics and taught me a lot. My only complaint is the website was a little slow when taking the exam. A truly great resource.
Primary Group Exercise Certification
Posted Septiembre 12, 2018 by Rose
I was hoping if there's anyway possible that you can email me and show me the one question that I answered incorrectly. So I can make a notation & learn from it. Many years ago, you use to show me my incorrect answers with the correct ones which helped me very much. That's how we learned. Through our errors, mistakes, etc. Hope you can help me. Thank you : ) Rose Sanfilippo
Enjoyed getting my certification
Posted Abril 3, 2018 by Latreasha Nolen from Aut2bfit llc
I really feel like I am walking away with the appropriate tools to be successful in with my fitness business.
Needs updating
Posted Abril 3, 2018 by Mel
I enjoyed this training but it seems like it needs to be updated. It is taught that the field of fitness is continuing to change and grow, I think by updating the material it can better reflect this. It appears that the material was last updated in 2007.
Renewing certifications
Posted Febrero 12, 2018 by Diana
I would like to go over the questions to see the ones I got wrong.
Posted Diciembre 23, 2017 by Dan B from Brunswick, GA
The course (and re-cert) are straight forward and explain concepts well. My only complaint is that you cannot review your exam after taking it, so you don't know which question you marked incorrectly.

Myofascial Release Foam Roller Certification Primary

Good but watch out during exam
Posted Enero 1, 2019 by Vicki
This program was good. But at the end of the exam, I wanted to review my answers. At the top left, I clicked the "view" tab thinking this would allow me to go over the answers. Instead it kicked me out and my answers were not saved. I had to retake the entire test. Apparently you can only go back by clicking on the small question number to the top right. There should not be a tab that would erase all your answers without warning. Other than that, the program was very informative.
Great Course
Posted Septiembre 13, 2018 by MM from Chattanooga
I really enjoyed this course. It taught me many things, I can put into use in my own workouts.
This program is a "Must Have" for trainers!
Posted Febrero 10, 2018 by Loni Alwin, Personal Trainer
Wow! So much more than I realized encompassed this program! Not only the details about foam rolling but also adding the extra mind/body connections which can be used to develop additional programming at our club. My own coaching will be further enhanced with the attention to postural alignments. A Lot to study, but worth it! Can I find out which questions I scored wrong on???
Myofascial Release Foam Rolling, great course
Posted Diciembre 18, 2017 by Sherwood, Personal Trainer
Great Course. Very detailed and explanatory. Loved the book and review questions as well as videos. The book, questions and video's worked hand-in-hand for an excellent learning experience.

Aqua Certification Primary

Posted Diciembre 23, 2018 by Valerie Pedraza from Houston,TX
I absolutely loved the way FITOUR used audio/video and text to teach the basics of water fitness at an affordable price. My client loved my using aqua fitness and invited another workmate to our sessions. Thank you FITOUR for all of your programs!
Posted Diciembre 23, 2018 by Valerie Pedraza from Houston,TX
I absolutely loved the way FITOUR used audio/video and text to teach the basics of water fitness at an affordable price. My client loved my using aqua fitness and invited another workmate to our sessions. Thank you FITOUR for all of your programs!
Missed Questions
Posted Marzo 24, 2018 by Leslie
I missed two questions but I am unable to see which ones I missed. I hoped to be able to study those more closely.

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Good Information
Posted Noviembre 25, 2018 by George with Fit Bodies Unlimited
Think it was straight forward and good. I enjoyed being able to take it at home and not have to go somewhere. I have been training clients for 20 years so this was a great refresh! Only suggestion would be to maybe update the videos and with fitness changing...I don't agree with everything recommended but I understand we have to go by certain standards that we may not all agree with!
Great Personal Trainer Course!
Posted Febrero 12, 2018 by Coach Victoria
The Personal Training Certification was packed with great knowledge and i recommend it if you are on a budget. The only reason i gave it 4 stars was because of the quality of the videos, they look a little outdated and the certificate they provide is not in PDF format and doesn't look that great either. Other than that it was easy to get through the course and the teacher within the course was pretty awesome too. I am grateful for the education, that is what matters the most to me.

Boot Camp Fitness Certification Primary

Test reveiw
Posted Noviembre 4, 2018 by Robert Avella
I enjoyed the testing process, however, I would like the option of reviewing the test when complete, or at least the incorrect responses so that can see where my areas of improvement are.
Great materials to a successful exam
Posted Junio 28, 2018 by Jill B.
Very well-written program with complimentary video training. Easy to follow and straight forward exam.

Pilates Certification Primary

Easy to follow exam and instrutions
Posted Septiembre 28, 2018 by Karla
Over all pretty straight forward but a few of the questions were not covered in the online materials or study guide.

Yoga Certification Primary

Well-rounded information
Posted Septiembre 27, 2018 by Adrian
I really enjoyed the background information on history and philosphy. It's not common knowledge and it helps to understand the purposes and practice. I wish there had been more practical exercise, such as ideas for putting together sequences, examples of different sun salutations, and how to engage the participants. I still need a little confidence in knowing when and how to correct or suggest modifications. If I hadn't already been doing yoga for a while and seen a few different instructors and teaching styles, I think I would still be at loss at to how to put together a one-hour class. Overall, a very good review.
Yoga Certification
Posted Marzo 17, 2018 by RS
Test was convenient but wasn't sure how to go back and answer the questions, I left blank. I hit Finish without being asked to review my answers. Thank goodness, I passed.
Great Certification
Posted Febrero 19, 2018 by Melissa
I truly enjoyed learning about the history of Yoga, and the details on texts, types of Yoga, even breathing and diet. The instructor was terrific and gave great hints on memorizing the facts.
Posted Enero 21, 2018 by Suzi - The Yoga Room
Fitour certifications are great for those that have been in the field for years and have had experience. First time instructors do need to be assessed or monitored by club or gym manager to get their foot in the door. And one-on- one certifications are very helpful, as you give demonstrations, which aids in teaching in any field.

Yoga Certification Advanced

Posted Agosto 7, 2018 by Linda
I ordered the FiTOUR program nearly a year ago. I am a bit confused, as the study material that I found were for the Primary Course, when the exam ended up being for the Advanced course. Fortunately, I've been practicing yoga for over 2 years with an excellent instructor, and was able to pass with a 76%, even though I hadn't gotten to access advanced course materials. I don't know how this happened, other than I thought I was taking the Primary course. I feel I would have scored much higher had I had the right materials. My life in the past year was a roller coaster. I had a serious bicycle accident shortly after I ordered this program in which I broke my right elbow, left wrist, and injured my ribs and shoulder. Maybe I printed off the wrong materials.
Natural progression from primary yoga
Posted Diciembre 9, 2017 by N. Chinn from Virginia
I like having the detailed descriptions of the poses. The new information on meditation and breathing techniques were also helpful. I wonder if you could update the video - it is now 13 years old. And if you are going to make a new video the background/set could be more professionally done.

Indoor Cycling Certification Primary

Excellent review
Posted Abril 29, 2018 by Paula
I have been previously certified and unfortunately my certification expired. This was a terrific way for me to become re-certified from my own home. It was a great refresher course and added some new learning for me as well.
Quick and Easy
Posted Diciembre 23, 2017 by Dan B from Brunswick, GA
Good training material for the initial certification. The renewal study guide is just an excerp of the original guide. The down side is, there is no way to know which question you got wrong. Just a grade. How do we ensure we are teaching the corect information if we don't know where we made a mistake?

Personal Training Certification ADVANCED

Advanced Personal Training Certification
Posted Abril 24, 2018 by Patricia, Atlanta
I enjoyed this certification. I've been certified through AFAA in the past and this certification was very thorough. It was nice to have the ability to watch the video training and then follow up with the manual at my own pace.
Comprehensive and thorough
Posted Febrero 27, 2018 by John Burgamy from Maryland
The Advanced Personal Trainer and Certification Course contained comprehensive content. It was well organized and easy to follow. The test questions were direct.

Core & Functional Fitness Certification

great! on line training
Posted Marzo 20, 2018 by Mac's Wellness Club fla
great way to learn on line training ! fitour is a awesome company I have been teaching for many years this company is up there with the best..thank you fitour...