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Group Fitness Certification Primary

Great program. I felt super prepared to put together my first routine with the completion of this course. The one thing it lacks is a demonstration of all the base moves in the list you get. I can't find a lot of them online on the internet as well.
Posted Marzo 9, 2021 by Laura
Great Course!
Posted Octubre 4, 2020 by Brandy
I love the information in this certification. It's a great reminder and helps me to see what I use daily and what I need to incorporate more daily.
Really in-depth info for primary/intro course
Posted Mayo 5, 2020 by Jill from NJ
I was surprised by how much this course covered than just group exercise, like physiology, nutrition, and health conditions. Could use an update to include some of the formats that are more current and popular now (2020), like Zumba and HIIT classes.
Excellent information that stands the test of time
Posted Marzo 12, 2020 by Kelly from Healthy and Active Aging
I have been using Fitour certifications for more than 10 years. The information provided is useful and easy to understand. It remains relevant over time. Plus, the recertification process is simple and straightforward.
Certificate ID card
Posted Febrero 25, 2020 by JJ
Looks like the ID card is still not available. It was the easiest method to show of certification. Questioned why it wasn't available 2 years ago, was told it was being worked on. Here it is 2 years later, and I still don't see it available.
Exam feedback
Posted Febrero 25, 2020 by JJ
I'd like to know what I missed on the exam to be able to review and better strengthen my knowledge in that area.
Good program but needs to be updated
Posted Noviembre 25, 2019 by RAW
Good program but needs to be updated with more current terminology. The videos need to be updated. Crying babies in the back, talking about cassettes and DVD. Make it generic, i.e. music so it stays updated. Lots of talk about step aerobics. It was HUGE back in the day, but it's not as big any more. Needs more updated examples.

Aqua Certification Primary

course content A content of testing D
Posted Marzo 7, 2021 by Mary MO
Test and correct answers should be available
Posted Noviembre 13, 2020 by jwrb
Primary Aqua Fitness
Posted Enero 12, 2020 by Jean Nauer Beloit WI YMCA Preschool Teacher and Primary Aqua Instructor
I am very pleased to have completed the FITOUR certification as a Primary Aqua Instructor. I have the training manual downloaded for future use and will be extremely helpful. The video was beneficial more with the water exercise demonstrations. The talking about the manual was rather lengthy, but needed. I wish there would be a way to find out about the questions that were incorrect or a way of finding what needs to be reviewed so when renewal comes up those particular areas will be useful to update and keep abreast on the certification. Again I'm very happy to have more knowledge to enhance my educational background.

FiTOUR® Primary Sports Nutrition Certification

I enjoyed the book, several questions on test not specific enough or contained mislabels- such as "one-type diabetes" or asked a question such as "diabetes can be controlled by"- but didnt specify type one or it would change how you would answer
Posted Febrero 21, 2021 by Lee

Personal Training Certification ADVANCED

A question had the wrong choice for a response ie. instead of saying reduce stress it said increase stress. That was the one marked incorrect. Fitour should make that change.
Posted Enero 26, 2021 by B

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

This Certifcation is Great! All the essential information you need to get started!
Posted Enero 8, 2021 by Ian V. Personal Trainer

Myofascial Release Foam Roller Certification Primary

I would like to know the questions I missed?
Posted Diciembre 8, 2020 by Wellness Director
Great evidence-based training program!
Posted Abril 12, 2020 by Highly recommended for anyone looking to foam roll
thorough information
Posted Enero 6, 2020 by Donna from Upstate NY
I've refreshed my knowledge of using the foam rollers successfully with this recertification.

Certificacian de Pilates Avanzado

See questions I got wrong
Posted Julio 24, 2020 by Laurie
I would like to see the correct answers for what I got wrong to learn my mistakes. There was a question I left blank because none of the answers were correct. Otherwise good test. Thank you ! Laurie

Group Fitness Certification Advanced

incorrect question
Posted Junio 11, 2020 by Teresa from Kansas
I would dearly love to know which question(s) I miss on my exams so that I can go back and study to improve my knowledge base. Could you please make it possible to review the missed questions on all exams? Thank you so much for you wonderful programs. I am learning so much and you are a great company. Without you I could not fulfill my dreams within the fitness field.
incorrect question
Posted Junio 11, 2020 by Teresa from Kansas
I would dearly love to know which question(s) I miss on my exams so that I can go back and study to improve my knowledge base. Could you please make it possible to review the missed questions on all exams? Thank you so much for you wonderful programs. I am learning so much and you are a great company. Without you I could not fulfill my dreams within the fitness field.

Indoor Cycling Certification Primary

Good information with safe, effective class formats
Posted Mayo 25, 2020 by Kansas Cyclist
The information in the course covers a lot of important topics all instructors should know but too often don't. Going over all of the basics in a systematic fashion helps build skills upon which safe and effective programs can be delivered. The example class formats were based on the knowledge in the course and give a newer instructor something safe to work from as they build their own skills and knowledge.
Posted Noviembre 11, 2019 by Tamera Blades
Good course with great information. Is there a way for me to see which questions I missed, so I can learn from my mistakes?

Boot Camp Fitness Certification Primary

Posted Mayo 22, 2020 by Ed
Enjoyable. Have Boot Camp experience and now I have the certification. Always a plus

Core & Functional Fitness Certification

Good course
Posted Mayo 5, 2020 by Kristina from Dothan, AL
Certification jumps all over the book but in general is very good. My only complaint is that you can't see which questions you got incorrect. It would be nice to know so you can learn from your mistakes.
Good basic information
Posted Abril 18, 2020 by Jill W from NJ
Very good basic information for Core Training and Functional Fitness. I would love to see this course be a little longer and cover more in the practical portion, such as additional exercises and options/progressions. The instruction covers the information quickly before moving on. Could use an update (for example the trainer talks about using CDs for music, I haven't used CDs to teach in over 5 years).

Yoga Certification Primary

Tons of information!
Posted Abril 8, 2020 by Jill W from NJ
Great certification! So much information, tons of yoga history and philosophy. Looking forward to completing the Advanced Yoga cert to expand on the asanas learned here.
Posted Febrero 11, 2020 by Tracee Phaturos
Enjoyed learning the history of Yoga. Very thorough explanation of the differnt types of practices and the purpose of each.

Kickbox Certification

Good info
Posted Marzo 11, 2020 by Sharon Hogg from Jasper, AL
This a good certification for the basic understanding of Kickboxing techniques. Although they include sample choreography, I think a 15- minute video of a sample class would be beneficial. I enjoy the ease of on-line certifications, but always miss doing a class together like you do on-site!

Step Certification

GREAT!! Easy to read and understand. Material was straight forward, I feel more knowledgeable in this area of fitness. Got it done in about a week! Super affordable.
Posted Febrero 19, 2020 by Sydney O.

FiTOUR® Senior Fitness Certification

Posted Febrero 14, 2020 by do not display
Do you no longer have Senior Fitness Program/certifications?? Thanks--Linda

Pilates Certification Primary

video could stand to be updated.
Posted Diciembre 2, 2019 by C. Abel
While the core information is good, the videos and pop culture references were so far out of date. Video taping , vcr, and Live with Regis and Kelly really show how old this course is, Fitour! Maybe it is time for you to re record!