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FiTOUR® Boot Camp Fitness Certification

boot camp by the book
Posted September 24, 2017 by Jane Ab-solute fitness
The information in this program was very good, especially about the business aspect. The breakdown of the program and exercises included seem very "stick to the script" except for the variations. I would do a little bit of a more active warm-up. I also felt like some of the calisthenics should be in cardio conditioning i.e. jump ropes and jacks. The same for exercises in calisthenics good for muscle conditioning. All in all pretty good.
Posted March 15, 2017 by Jim from YMCA
A lot of the questions did not have clear cut answers. One example was you can hold a plank up to 30 seconds. True or false. You should also get to review your test to see what you got wrong. Some questions were not in the study manual.
Posted September 20, 2018 by Nixie HYslop
Hello, Is there a way to see what we got wrong on test?
Boot Camp FItness Cert Test
Posted December 27, 2017 by H20MAN Colorado
The test says in the instructions that it is 25 questions and that you must get a 75% to pass the exam. The test is 100 questions and takes at least 2 hours to take. The first time I took this test it was just the 25 questions. Not sure why it is not 100 questions!!! Very frustrating when it tells you 25! When you pre pay for the exam you must pass it with a 75% or you have to pay to re take the test.

FiTOUR® Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Posted July 27, 2017 by Fitness T, Temecula, CA
Very pleased with the exam! The actual certificate looks very generic and is a disappointment.
Awful Customer Service and non helpful
Posted December 13, 2016 by Natalie S
Dont even waste your time or money. Customer service does not help, i was in the hospital for 6 months and didn't even know i needed to renew, offered to show a dr. note and statement to help renew and all they can say is you can pay 50 for a new exam. Never even got an email saying it was time to renew.
Posted February 19, 2016 by Shannon Payne, CPT
Honestly the certifications could look a LOT less Fake/Typed up and more Legit/Nicer to look at. I was pretty upset to see that I studied hard to pass this course just to receive a certification I could have typed up myself without going through the trouble. I recommend you all choose a nicer background, add spaces or Something so it doesn't look so bare. Keep in mind we Do have to present these to our clients and hang them on the wall. Thank You

FiTOUR® Primary Aqua Certification

don't use diagrams/typos
Posted February 28, 2017 by Tracey, VA
I use a Mac and questions 78, 79 & 80 refer to diagrams that I did not see so I basically guessed 3 answers (and probably the easiest of all 100). On the exam, if you are allowed to skip questions, you should be prompted at the end to return to those questions without having to remember which questions you skipped. It's time consuming to back arrow your way 50-60 questions. Also, in the manual as well as on line, you refer to "bounding" where it should be "bouncing." Throughout the manual there are small typos as well.
Aqua certificate
Posted January 18, 2017 by Anitta from Boulder Colorado
The expiration date is wrong. I think it is for two years rather than for two months.

FiTOUR® Primary Group Exercise Certification

Timing of Renewal
Posted February 10, 2017 by Liz
I feel it was misleading to say that I could renew my certification within 90 days of the expiration. I thought that the renewal date would correspond to my expiration date. My certification expired April 21, 2017. I took the test today February 10 in order to be a little ahead of the game and now I have lost a couple of months of time by taking the exam early. Too bad. If you are going to renew wait until right at the date to avoid losing time!
Does the Job
Posted December 31, 2015 by Audra, Ohio
This Fitour certification isn't something to get excited about; But it will do the job in acquiring your fitness certification.The group instructor handbook seems overwhelming at first. Just read through it several times, highlight/make notations, organize into stapled sections, and you're ready for the exam. The three hours is more than enough time to complete the 100 multiple choice questions. I think the key to becoming a good group instructor is going to have to come from immersing yourself in different classes with different instructors: Participate, take note, see what you can take/ expand on, etc. and that will be your real certification.
Posted February 13, 2017 by Colene
I can't print out my certificate

FiTOUR® Primary Indoor Cycling Certification

Posted January 30, 2017 by Amy Sanderson
I missed 5 on the exam but was unable to see what I missed and what correct answer was. I would like to know what I missed so I don't make the same mistake on another exam or while teaching.
Posted December 13, 2017 by Paul
The presenter, your director of education needs to work on her presentation. I have been a teacher and a coach for over 20 years from middle school to the professional level and it was one of the worst I have ever seen. The only good parts were while on the bike so that we could see explanations. If you want to be a big time certification get a better video. the informatin in the manual was spot on for the test.

FiTOUR® Primary Pilates Certification

Pilates test
Posted January 31, 2016 by DW
Could not find answers to 4 questions. Need to update the manual please in a better format.
Posted January 5, 2015 by Hattie Knight from Stone Mountain, GA
Posted April 3, 2018 by Mel
I enjoyed the material of the training though it seemed outdated and the test seemed poorly written and the answers were organized in a very confusing fashion.
Exam was hard to follow
Posted August 1, 2017 by Patricia A Gilson from Texas
A lot of the questions that were asked did not have corresponding material in the book, so it was hard to determine what the examiner was asking.

FiTOUR® Advanced Pilates Certification

Posted September 28, 2014 by Anonymous
The actual certificate does not look very official. It looks like a fake that a teenage kid made.

FiTOUR® Youth Fitness Certification

Lacks variety for age groups
Posted July 4, 2013 by Stacey Jernigan from Bessemer, AL
Interested in more detailed examples of exercises, activities, and games for a wider range of ages, including preschoolers. Would be interested in more activities/exercises/games families can enjoy together - parent/child exercises, etc. Also, the test contains some errors.

FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Certification

Posted July 31, 2009 by Anonymous
Two weeks in waiting.
Posted March 29, 2016 by Yoga Certification
I spent 10 bucks on a certification to be sent out to me. I have not received it. I lost two weeks of what I could be spending teaching yoga, but instead I sit and wait for a certificate that isn't showing up. Fitter hasn't respond back to me, return my calls, email. I didn't send 10 bucks for your pleasure. Please send me my certificate. This is unprofessional and very disappointing.

FiTOUR® Primary Nutrition Certification

Average nutrition course
Posted June 29, 2009 by Lacee from Orem, UT
Posted January 23, 2017 by gloria
never received my original certification
renewal quiz
Posted February 29, 2016 by Dawn Grasso
I am wondering if the book that I have from when I first got certified has been updated or changed because I wasn't aware of quite a bit of the info that was on the renewal quiz. It has been two years since I read the study material, but I even looked though it recently and the quiz contained info I didn't see in the book. Please inform me if there is another study book I should have. Thank you.

FiTOUR® Primary Myofascial Release Foam Roller Certification

don't do it!
Posted April 24, 2018 by jaycee
While the material was helpful, the test did nothing to help my understanding. It was confusing at times, there was no way to go back and check answers easily, when I started from the end and worked backwards, it did not save answers, and I fortunately discovered it before I hit the send button. Otherwise I would have totally failed. It was all over the board and asked questions that really did not have anything to do with true learning.

FiTOUR® Advanced Yoga Certification

You guys need to update!!!!
Posted March 17, 2018 by yogi
I hated this. It was boring and outdated. I would not recommend. Seriously?

FiTOUR® Advanced Nutrition Certification

worst test ever
Posted March 4, 2017 by test is mess up - good luck completing
This test is nearly impossible to take. I had to do it 2x. The study guide is useless and you need the book you used to originally take the course. Some of the answers I couldn't even find on the internet! Good luck to you.

FiTOUR® Indoor Cycling Certification (Spanish)

Posted June 29, 2016 by MARITZA CHAVEZ
Buen, día estoy espearando mi certificado como especialista, ya que tengo CYCLING y GROUP EX, pero sólo me aparecen 2 certificados.

FiTOUR® Group Exercise Certification (in Spanish)

Posted June 24, 2016 by CHITO
Estoy muy preocupada con las traducciones que hay al españo, en verdad son muy malas. Hacen que me confunda en casa pregunta. Espero pronto lo arreglen por el bien de todos sus alumnos latinos. Saludos desde MEXICO