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SilverSneakers REQUIRES CPR CERTIFICATION with the FiTOUR® Certifications offered below. Proof of current CPR certification will be required when certification exams and renewal exams are taken. Please be prepared to supply the expiration date of your CPR certification.

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FiTOUR® Certification Courses

FiTOUR® certifications include access to online study materials; online video and online manual. The hard copy study manual can be purchased separately from the Study Materials order page.

Primary Personal trainer study materials
Primary Personal Training

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Primary Personal trainer study materials

FiTOUR®’s  Primary Personal Trainer Certification Program will get you well on your way to becoming a Personal Trainer.  Become a personal fitness trainer today and be your own boss.

FiTOUR®’s Primary Certification for Personal Training is designed to provide you with the skills & knowledge necessary to meet all personal trainer qualifications required to obtain a personal fitness trainer job.

Program Overview

The FiTOUR® Primary Personal Trainer Certification Program will provide you with invaluable information and prepare you to successfully complete the Personal Trainer Examination required to obtain your certificate of Certification.

  • Fundamentals of Proper Weight Lifting
  • How to Use Free Weights and Machines
  • Correct Spotting Techniques
  • Kinesiology & Physiology
  • Program Design for One-On-One Personal Training
  • Special Populations

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer:

  • Successful completion of the Primary Personal Certification Program and obtaining a passing score on the Personal Trainer Exam provides employers and clients with the mark of excellence.
  • Expand your knowledge and skills through dedicated study and easily obtain personal trainer employment following successful completion of FiTOUR®’s Personal Trainer training program.
  • Be ahead of the competition by starting your own personal training business following successful completion of the FiTOUR® Primary Personal Training Certification Program.

Study Material
The online study material for this FiTOUR® certification listed below is FREE! with registration. All FiTOUR® certification exams are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to review the study materials in advance of the certification to ensure a higher examination success rate.

FiTOUR Primary Group Exercise Certification Manual and Study Video
Primary Group Exercise

Group Fitness Certification Primary

FiTOUR Primary Group Exercise Certification Manual and Study Video

Get the necessary tools to begin your career as a Group Fitness Instructor with FiTOUR®’s group fitness instructor certification. You’ll learn how to share fitness and health with others in a fun and enjoyable group setting with FiTOUR®’s Primary Group Exercise Certification.

The FiTOUR® Primary Group Fitness Certification is for all fitness professionals who teach exercise in a group setting – whether you are a Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer. The FiTOUR® Primary Group Exercise Certification is also great for experienced Group Exercise Instructors who would like to brush up on fitness instructor technique and execution or who would like to renew their Group Fitness Instructor certification.

Also available in Spanish.

Primary Yoga study materials
Primary Yoga

Yoga Certification Primary

Primary Yoga study materials

Learn the History of Yoga and various methods of popular forms of Hatha Yogain the FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Certification Course.  The course covers Yoga Anatomy, The Eight Limbs of Yoga, The Yoga Diet and Breath Control.  The FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Certification Program will give you detailed information on how to provide your students with a safe Hatha Yoga class in a yoga studio or fitness class environment.

FiTOUR®’s comprehensive Mind & Body Fitness Trainer Courses provide you with professional tools to further your career as an accomplished Mind & Body Fitness Instructor.

Primary Aqua Certification
Primary Aqua

Aqua Certification Primary

Primary Aqua Certification

Aqua Fitness is the wave of the future for Group Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. Become a Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor through successful completion of FiTOUR®’s comprehensive water fitness certification program.

Make an impressive splash with your employers, students and clients by completing the FiTOUR® Aqua Fitness Instructor Certification Program. Whether you choose FiTOUR®’s In-Home Study Program or Certification Workshop Program, you will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful personal water fitness instructor.