Top 10 Presents Your Favorite Group Exercise Instructor Will Love

Top 10 Presents Your Favorite Group Exercise Instructor Will Love

Christmas is my favorite time of year!  I absolutely LOVE to buy presents for my friends and family.  It just feels good to make a person smile with the simple act of kindness.  If you are looking for a gift for the Group Fitness Instructor in your life, I have created a list that will surely WOW her and brighten her day.  All of these items are available on Amazon; strike quickly and you will have these just in time for Christmas!

Equipment for Teaching

  • We use these little suckers to prevent the passing of germs from one instructor to the next.  Everyone prefers to use their own windscreen.  This colorful variety pack is a low cost stocking stuffer: La Tartelette Handheld Stage Microphone Windscreen Foam Mic Cover Karaoke (Pack of 10 Colors).

  • Group Ex Instructors are sweaty folks.  A shared microphone belt is gross.  If you teach the third class of the morning and you put on a tune belt that two previous instructors have sweat it up in - just imagine the funk.  Getting your fave GFI her own hot pink tune belt will make her day!  Try the Aeromic Pouch Belt Standard - Pink

Essential Accessories

  • The Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch is an incredible fitness tracker!  The ultimate grab on the Top 10 Presents list, this device holds all your important fitness and health stats, plus phone call notification, text messages, and even emails show up on the Blaze.  The bonus, this fitness tracker costs MUCH LESS than the Apple Watch!

  • After teaching a class, a snowflake hat, gloves, and scarf is the perfect winter set for keeping warm.  Have you ever noticed after you get all hot in class, as soon as you step out of the room, you freeze?  Help the instructor in your life stay cozy this winter with this awesome and comfy set!

Tools of the Trade

  • This, my friends, is my favorite fitness tool ever.  Many GFI’s have been working out a very long time.  They need to increase intensity while maintaining a variety of levels that set the whole class up for success.  The Tone Fitness Weighted Vest is 12 lbs of extra challenge and super soft material.

You favorite Group Fitness Instructor motivates you week after week all year.  You can count on him to make you sweat and smile - show a little love this holiday season with a big or small gift from the Top 10 Presents to brighten his day!


In Good Health, 


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