Three Basic Truths About Participating in #socialmedia

Three Basic Truths About Participating in Social Media

Social media has changed the landscape of how we interact on many levels.  We rely on social media to keep up with close friends, meet new friends, stay on top of trending topics, and learn.  Yes, learn.  There is a sea of information awaiting us on the various platforms of social media.  That being the case, I have come to understand three basic truths about participating in social media with the hope of growing a [personal] brand.

Truth 1: Be human. 

Share who you are, what you value, what you love, what you do with your time.  Be yourself.  Avoid only posting about your business or brand.  Mix it up.  If you like to run, post it.  If you also like to read, share that.  Human beings are complex individuals – there is more to me than fitness, and my personal page reflects that.  The business page should be a reflection of the business.  If you aren’t getting a good response on your personal page for your business or brand, consider creating a business page and grow your audience there.  Invite your friends from your personal page to follow the business page, those that want to keep up with you will and those that feel like you are spamming their newsfeed won’t.  And that is OK. 

Truth 2: Use the right platform.

Is Pinterest exploding with business men looking to make connections?  LinkedIn is the better fit for that guy.  Do some research and understand which platform speaks to your desired audience.  For example, Pinterest users are primarily women and the Instagram audience is primarily 18-29 years old.  These are helpful pieces of information if you are trying to reach a specific segment of the population, your audience.  The first question you must ask yourself then is simple: who is my audience?  Then find the platform that fits.  Here is a start.

Truth 3: Participate in the conversation.

Have you ever been on a date and the person only talked about herself?  Did you want to go out with her again?  Sadly, our in-person or live social skills are beginning to dwindle because of our dependence on online social interactions.  The rules still apply, folks.  Conversations are a collaborative process.  Whether you are looking at a computer screen or an actual human – ask questions, share, and listen.

Keep in mind that social media is growing, rapidly.  If you have not started to incorporate social media into your personal brand or business strategy, do it now. 


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