FiTOUR® Worksite Health and Wellness Coordinator Certification

Book cover "Worksite Health Promotion" by David H. Chenoweth

As a fitness professional, are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Today's rising health care costs are leading many companies to seek ways to help employees improve their fitness and well being. The FiTOUR® Worksite Health and Wellness Coordinator Certification prepares fitness professionals to be a part of this growing opportunity.

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Worksite Health and Wellness Coordinator Certification Exam and Hard Copy Study Materials

This registration includes the in-home certification course, access to the online study guide, and the hard copy study manual. The study manual will be shipped to your home.
Program Overview: 

This certification provides a step-by-step roadmap to plan, implement and assess Health and Wellness Promotion Program success through various economic evaluations. Learn how to identify need for Health and Wellness Promotion Programs, locate resources to fund programs, to build business cases for programs that will gain management buy-in. This certification has real-world applications and addresses the challenges of implementation in small, multi-site and large corporations.

If you are ready to expand your experience and marketability as a fitness professional, The FiTOUR® Worksite Health and Wellness Coordinator Certification provides an immediately usable resource to begin your journey into the field of Worksite Health and Wellness Promotion Programs.

Study Materials: 

All FiTOUR® certification exams are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to review the study materials in advance of the certification to ensure a higher examination success rate.

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