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ACE Primary Active Aging

Earn ACE CECs with the FiTOUR® Primary Active Aging Home Study Course

FiTOUR® is offering courses which are approved by the American Council on Education (ACE) for Continuing Education Credits (CECs). The FiTOUR® Primary Active Aging Home Study Course is approved for 0.8 ACE CECs.

This is a NOT a Certification, this is a continuing education course to obtain cecs used to renew an ACE Certification.

Approved by ACE

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Primary Active Aging ACE CEC Home Study Course

This registration includes the CEC in-home study course and access to the online study materials. Hard copy study manual not included.

Program Overview: 

The FiTOUR® Primary Active Aging course provides an in-depth look into the science behind aging and strategies to keep your older clients active and healthy throughout their lives.

This course will provide information on how to conduct functional and fitness assessments. You will also gain knowledge of how to create safe, yet challenging, progressive programming that will keep your clients engaged and excited about training with you.

Whether you are a group fitness instructor or personal trainer, the knowledge gained through this course study will help you guide your clients to obtain and maintain high levels of function and quality of life into their later years.

  • Obtain a working knowledge of how to perform functional and postural assessments; and how to use the information obtained to provide programming that meets each client’s current level of function.
  • Obtain an understanding of safety guidelines and considerations for older adults.
  • Learn about ageism and strategies to create an inclusive environment that will positively impact your older clients’ adherence to training with you.
  • Learn about the categories of functional aging and gain an understanding of how to provide programming that is challenging, yet safe, for your older clients.
  • Learn how the goals of older adults gradually shift from fitness-based to more wellness-based goals.
  • Obtain tools to help you assess your clients’ lifestyle behaviors as they relate to wellness through study of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness.
  • Learn how to use the Eight Dimensions of Wellness to help your older clients set lifestyle goals.
  • Learn strategies to create comprehensive individualized programming based on your older clients’ functional and postural assessment scores. 
  • Take a new look at training concepts and how to specifically use them to improve your clients’ levels of function:
    • Integrated Functional Training.
    • Progressive Resistance Training.
    • Functional Balance Training.
    • Functional Flexibility and Mobility Training.
    • Functional Aerobic Training


Study Materials: 

The online study materials for this FiTOUR® home study course listed below are FREE with registration. All FiTOUR® online examinations are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to thoroughly review the study materials prior taking the online written examination to ensure a passing score.

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