FiTOUR® Barre Primary CEC Course

FiTOUR Primary Barre Certification

Earn AFAA CECs with the FiTOUR® Barre Primary Home Study Course

 FiTOUR® is offering online courses which are approved by the Athletic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) for Continuing Education Credits (CECs). The FiTOUR® Barre Primary Home Study Course is approved for 8 AFAA CEUs.

This is a NOT a Certification, this is a ceu course to obtain cecs used to renew an AFAA Certification.

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Barre Primary AFAA CEC Home Study Course

This registration includes the in-home CEC study course and access to the online study materials. Hard copy study manual not included.

Program Overview: 

The FiTOUR® Primary Barre Instructor CEC Course prepares instructors to help participants gain the many benefits from this class format. This CEC Course covers the below topics:

  • Fundamentals of the barre technique
  • 8 principles of the barre technique
  • Terms of fitness and musculature anatomy
  • Barre technique safety
  • Barre music selection
  • Barre class formatting and exercises
  • Burning calories and fat through the barre technique
  • Gains in joint protection through the barre technique
  • Protection of bone mass
through the barre technique
  • Gains in strength and flexibility through the barre technique
  • Restoration of natural balance
through the barre technique
  • Improved coordination and posture through the barre technique
  • Reduction in stress and fatigue and stimulation of the circulatory system through the barre technique
  • How the barre technique is applicable to all fitness levels
  • New/Additional fitness tools, including small exercise balls, resistance bands, light weights and the ballet barre
  • Use of body weight exercises to perform resistance training
  • Development of more toned arms, glutes, abs and thighs for participants through the barre technique
  • Formatting of all benefits of the barre technique delivered in a fun and effective 60-minutes class 

Benefits of Completing the FiTOUR® Primary Barre Instructor CEC Course:

  • Successful completion of the FiTOUR® Primary Barre Instructor CEC Course will equip you with the skills needed to design and teach safe and effective barre classes that are composed of a combination Pilates, yoga, barre, light weight training and ballet.
  • Successful completion of the FiTOUR® Primary Barre Instructor CEC Course will prepare you to format a fun barre class that will aid your participants in reaching their goals to be lean and strong.

Obtaining a passing score on the FiTOUR® Primary Barre Instructor CEC Course examination will demonstrate, to both your employers and students, your dedication to expanding your knowledge through study.

Study Materials: 

The online study materials for this FiTOUR® home study course listed below are FREE with registration. All FiTOUR® online examinations are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to thoroughly review the study materials prior taking the online written examination to ensure a passing score.

  • FiTOUR® Primary Barre Instructor Online Study Manual - $19.99 -- FREE!
  • FiTOUR® Primary Barre Instructor Study Videos - $24.99 -- FREE!