Personal Trainers: Find The Best Prospective Clients

Man spotting a woman doing a bench press

Great fitness marketing starts with knowing WHO your best prospective client is.
The better you know WHO they are, WHERE they live, and WHY they buy… the more effectively you can communicate with your target market (and attract them to your business!).
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Yet most fitness professionals and business owners struggle with ineffective marketing messages because they’ve never defined a profile of the best clients for their business.
Chances are good that your best client is NOT a 22-year-old male signing up for six-pack abs and two tickets to the gun show.
Your best clients are busy moms trying to be at their best for their families.
They are highly stressed executives and CEOs balancing the demands of growing big companies while trying to manage their home life. And they’re busy corporate professionals who first wanted to get out of pain, feel better, and have more energy to get through their day…. now they love tackling new physical challenges and being part of your client community. But how well do you really know them?
And how can you better tailor your marketing messaging to speak directly to WHY they seek you out in the first place?
Click here to read “10 Questions to Define Your Best Prospective Client”

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