In-Home Certification User Guide

FiTOUR® In-Home Certification courses are designed to be completed from the comfort of your own home at your desired pace. Below is a user guide that will allow you to purchase and complete these FiTOUR® In-Home Certification courses.

Purchasing a FiTOUR® In-Home Certification Course

  1. Purchase a Fitour Certification at
  2. Once purchase is made you will have access to the online study manual and the online video (if available for the program you purchased). The video follows along with the manual.  The study materials are located in My Account > Study Center. If you purchased a FiTOUR® certification with a hard copy text book, the text book will be mailed to you to the address you provided. USPS states 7-10 working days to receive once the order is mailed.
  3. After purchase, the online exam will be available in your Exam Center, accessible under the My Account menu.
  4. We encourage registrants to complete the course within 90 days of registration if possible. However, you do have one full year to complete the course. 
  5. When you are ready you will take the online certification exam log into your FiTOUR® account, then click on Exam Center. The exam is a timed 3 hour exam with 100 true/false and multiple choice questions, and must be completed within three consecutive hours. You can not start and stop the exam.
  6. Once you take and pass the exam, you can print the certificate yourself or have FiTOUR® mail you a certificate by logging into My Account at, then go to your Certifications page and choose print or order option. 
  7. If you do not pass with a 75% or higher you will be able to purchase a retest for $25.00.   All RETESTS must be purchased within 6 months of original exam taken.
  8. Certifications must be renewed every two years. Please review the Renewal Program page for more information.
  9. Fitour Certifications are Nationally recognized, but it is always up to each facility who they want their instructors certified through. You are encouraged to contact any organization which you would like to confirm approval for prior to registering for any FiTOUR® course.

Note: FiTOUR® accepts all major credit cards.

Preparing for the FiTOUR® In-Home Certification Course Examination

Read and review the FiTOUR® study materials included with the course prior to taking the exam.

Practice exams are encouraged. FiTOUR® offers online practice exams that will provide insight into the actual certification examination. Each practice examination includes 10 of the actual questions from the certification exam. All FiTOUR® certification examinations consist of 100 multiple choice and True/False questions. All FiTOUR® Renewal examinations consist of 25 multiple choice and True/False questions.

Note, exams can only be taken one time, if you do not pass with a 75% or higher on your first exam you will have the option to purchase a retest, 2nd exam, for $25.00.

How to Take the FiTOUR® In-Home Certification Course Examination

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your Account with Fitour using your email address and password created when purchasing the course (if you do not remember your login information, you can Request a New Password and it will be immediately sent to your email account.)
  3. Once logged into your FiTOUR® account, visit the "Exam Center" under the My Account menu.
  4. Click the “Take Exam Now” link to view the examination start page. From here, click the Start Exam button begin the examination (note: Once this button is pressed, the 3 consecutive hour time limit will begin to expire. You can NOT Start and stop the exam).
  5. Answer the questions that follow.
  6. Review the answers that were submitted.
  7. Choose the "Finish"  button when ready to complete the examination and receive the results.
  8. Exams can only be taken one time, if you do not pass with a 75% or higher on your first exam you will have the option to purchase a retest, 2nd exam, for $25.00.


After the FiTOUR® In-Home Certification Course Examination

The examination will be graded automatically and the results will be provided immediately after completion of the examination. If a score of 75% or higher is received, the official FiTOUR® certificate will be available for printing. You may also choose to have a certificate mailed at a charge of $9.99. If the score is lower than a 75%, the participant will be given the option to purchase a FiTOUR® Retest for a fee of $25.  

Contact FiTOUR®

FiTOUR® is available to answer any question prior to, during, and/or following the purchase of a FiTOUR® Certification course. Please submit an inquiry via our online support center and you will be contacted within 24 hours or less.  To submit a support ticket, log into your account and Submit a Support Ticket with your question or issue.