Get Your FREE Goal Setting Questionnaire

Get Your FREE Goal Setting Questionnaire!

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Have you ever met a person and five minutes later told them why you want to lose fifteen pounds and why you think you can’t?  How you eat peanut butter with a spoon when no one is looking, or pack a gym bag every day, but never take it out of your trunk because after a long day at work you are simply too tired?  How you can’t get to sleep at a reasonable time because you have worries weighing on your mind?  How you are trying to take care of your family and often feel like taking care of yourself comes last? 

When we meet someone, it isn’t the first thing we want to talk about.  Most of us are not naturally inclined to divulge personal habits, insecurities, and struggles with strangers.  Some people are comfortable sharing – many are not. 

Now imagine that person is your new client.  You’ve just met her.  She is carrying that extra ten or twenty pounds from her last pregnancy five years ago, and she cannot get in the right rhythm with her life – and all that is carries – to drop those pounds and stay on track. 

Help Determine Goals NOW!

Our new clients often need help determining or opening up about their goals.  Do they have energy, can they cope with stresses of daily life, can they relax and rest well, does their back function properly, and are they happy with how the feel and look.  Does she understand how her self-care reflects on all of these areas of her life?  Can she see that those seemingly smaller goals will help her reach her larger goal of hitting the right number on the scale?

I think we get these number goals – these ideas planted in our head that we are supposed to weigh a certain number.  Then all of the other stuff, the stuff that really matters, gets shorted.  I believe personal trainers of athletes and people with health risk factors need to look closely at numbers.  The numbers do tell a story of our physical well-being and body’s ability to function properly; however, an improved path of wellness with a set action plan will inevitably result in improved numbers without placing as much stress on those numbers.  Focusing on the actions and benefits of feeling great along the way improves the experience.    

Goal Setting Questionnaire is the Ticket!

To help your new client evaluate her goals AND to revisit a long-time client’s goals, FiTOUR® has created a powerful PDF icon Goal Setting Questionnaire.pdf to guide the trainer/client conversation.  I encourage you to complete the Questionnaire on your own before using it with clients so that you understand the process of self-evaluation that it holds.  When you complete the worksheet honestly, you will better understand how to talk about a client’s responses and engage with her in determining the proper goals and plan of action to reach those goals. 

PDF icon Goal Setting Questionnaire.pdf


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