FXP Fitness Hula Hoop Level 1 Instructor Training

FXP Hula Hoop Level 1 Instructor Training

Yesterday I took a very fun fitness certification course: FXP Fitness Hula Hoop Level 1 Instructor Training.  The class was held at the Fit To Be You studio in Naperville, Illinois.  It was attended by a handful of women, all with a variety of experience in fitness.  The owner of the studio, a fitness enthusiast, an instructor of 15 years, another studio owner, a hula hooper ready to turn into an instructor, and another woman just beginning her path with fitness.  I am eternally thankful to meet people who are new to the world of fitness because it means we are growing as a profession.  It means that there are still people who see and appreciate the mission of the field. 

FXP Fitness has created a home run of a fitness program.  Hooping is challenging, while also reminding you of being a kid again.  It puts a smile on your face immediately.  While FXP can offer a metabolic study of the impressive physical benefits of hooping, the positive mental payback seems even more enticing to me.  Fun fitness is incredibly valuable, and sadly, the majority of people don’t really like fitness.  To offer a service that can incorporate good quality cardio vascular fitness and strength training, while SMILING is a huge selling point. 

Another incredible benefit of the format is the focus on the mind-body connection.  As an instructor, I’ve found that to be the hardest element of exercise to teach.  We often ask our clients to listen to their body, but there is so much happening in their minds that they cannot connect to their body.  With the hula hoop, you practically HAVE TO connect.  You must concentrate so much so, that thinking about the to-do list, or the road rage on the way to the club, is not an option.  If you stop concentrating, the hoop falls, your form is compromised, and you do yourself a disservice. 

I was surprised by the format of the class.  Before I went, I was scared.  I thought, I can’t hula hoop.  I certainly can’t hula hoop for 45 minutes!  But my mind was set at ease when I arrived.  We started the training by taking a class.  The class opened with a light warm up and some waist hooping.  Sammi, the FXP Master Trainer, taught us how to do it simply and efficiently.  Then we moved into the other blocks of the class and the hoop became a tool.  Sammi explained it perfectly, FXP Fitness is a “fitness class that incorporates a hula hoop.”  The program is NOT entirely waist hooping.  The program incorporates a variety of formats, from bootcamp to barre, to give the participant a full body workout that utilizes the core and all major muscles. 

FXP Fitness is a fun, accessible, and progressive workout that can be adapted for everyone.  Sammi calls it, “all ages and all stages”.  This format is not only for elite athletes – but is for everyone interested in having fun and feeling fit.  After the 45 minute exercise class, I was sweating A LOT MORE than I expected and I felt energized. 

FiTOUR seeks to offer valuable resources and partner with like-minded companies in our pursuit to grow the field of fitness professionals.  We also strive to offer our instructors the latest in the fitness industry and help you be the best you can be!  We are so excited to begin a partnership with FXP Fitness and we hope you will find their offerings a valuable addition to your practice.


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