Taking an Exam FAQs

What is the pass rate of the FiTOUR® certification exam?

The examination will be graded automatically and the results will be provided immediately after completion of the examination. If a score of 75% or higher is achieved, an official FiTOUR® certificate will arrive within 21 business days at the address supplied to FiTOUR® during registration. If the score is lower than a 75%, the participant will be given the option to purchase a FiTOUR® Retest for a fee of $25.

My Internet connection failed while answering the examination questions. Will my answers be saved?

Yes, the answers will be saved. If you experience a connection issue when taking the course examination, simply log out and reconnect your computer to the Internet. Once back online, login to the Exam Center and resume the examination.

How many questions are on the FiTOUR® certification examination?

All FiTOUR® certification course examinations consist of 100 multiple choice and True/False questions.

How long does it take for my certificate to arrive once I have completed the course?

The official certificate will be available for printing immediately following completion of the examination when logged into the My Account section of www.FiTOUR.com. A certificate with an embossed seal can be purchased for an additional $9.99 once logged into the My Account section of www.FiTOUR.com.

How long do I have to complete the course examination?

The allotted time to complete the course examination is THREE hours.

How do I complete my course examination? Do I have to go to a facility to complete?

All course examinations are completed online and are available for completion once logged into the Exam Center located at www.FiTOUR.com. Your examination grade will display at the conclusion of the examination.