Exam Center Login FAQs

I purchased a certification course for someone else other than myself (employee/spouse/child). How does the registrant access the examination?

The registrant who will be completing the course examination must login to the Exam Center located at www.FiTOUR.com using the ORIGINAL email address and password created when registering for the course. Once the examination is completed, the test taker will enter the name that should appear on the official certificate, as well as, the shipping address. The name on the account, however, will remain the same as the ORIGINAL registrant. Please submit an inquiry via our online support system with details if you wish to change the name on the account.

I cannot remember my login information. How do I retrieve this information?

Your email address will be used as the login. To retrieve your password, visit www.fitour.com/user/password. Please enter your email address and your password will be immediately sent to the email address on file.