Exam Center Login FAQs

I purchased a certification course for someone else. How does that person access study materials & exam order?

Thank you for your order with Fitour.  Have your trainer go to www.fitour.com, then click on "log in", then click on "I want to create an acct".  After he/she sets up his/her acct log into your account with Fitour, click on "support ticket" and submit a support ticket with the persons name and email address associated wih his/her account set up and I will transfer the certification exam & study materials into his/her account with Fitour.   Please also include the order ID# and the course you wish to transfer.

I cannot remember my login information. How do I retrieve this information?

Your email address you used to set up your acccount with Ftour will be used as the login. To retrieve your password, visit www.fitour.com/user/password. Please enter your email address and your password will be immediately sent to the email address on file.

Please Submit a Support Ticket and we'll be happy to help you if you are unable to retrieve your login information.