30+ Ways to Play with The Lebert Equalizer

30+ Ways to Play with the Lebert Equalizer

 Invented by Marc Lebert to help a client progress into a pull-up, the Lebert® Equalize is a fantastic tool for group fitness and personal training.  Based on the science of bodyweight training and functional training, the Equalizers are versatile tools for agility, bodyweight, and core training.  For beginners through advanced clients, these tools can help us push clients and make those movements that often feel unattainable, like a pull up, a reality. 

Functional training prepares people to move well with skillful precision.  Our goal as trainers, while it is often easier to quantify pounds lost or mass gained, should also be to help our clients be more aware of and better prepared for how their body moves through activities of daily living.  Body weight and functional training are excellent means to that end.  Bodyweight training has the added bonus of being portable!  You can train anywhere when all you need is your body.  If you have limited space, the Lebert® Equalizer, can perform multiple functions. 

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to share some ideas on using the Equalizer with my fellow instructors at the Y.  It was a fun, interactive workshop!  These 30 Ways to Play with the Lebert® Equalizer are a great introduction to this versatile and fun fitness tool.

  1. Vertical Rows
  2. Incline Push Ups
  3. Decline Push Ups
  4. Tricep Dips
  5. Kneeling Tricep Extension
  6. Tricep Press Back
  7. Anterior Deltoid Front Raise
  8. Running Man
  9. Knee Ups
  10. Swing Kicks with Step Back Lunge
  11. Single Leg Squat
  12. Hip Extension
  13. Side Lunge
  14. Unilateral Deadlift
  15. Balanced Deadlift with front raise
  16. Cardio DrillsHigh Knees      
  17. In/Outs
  18. BurpeeWith in/out hop
  19. Lateral hop
  20. With Eq lift
  21. Mountain Climber (center, cross)
  22. Standing Lateral Plank with Hip Drop
  23. Plank
  24. Balanced Plank
  25. Balanced Plank, supergirl
  26. Single Leg Plank, in/out leg
  27. Side Plank
  28. Side Plank, Abductor
  29. Side Plank, Adductor
  30. Incline Mountain Climber
  31. Decline Mountain Climber
  32. Cross Mountain Climber
  33. Woodchopper

In the next two weeks, look for these movements in video format on social to see how each is performed.  Have fun with this awesome tool – the Lebert® Equalizer will not disappoint!