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FiTOUR® Youth Fitness Certification

Posted Febrero 12, 2012 by Meg Bailey from Coralville, IA
The book is excellent! Lots of information and great games ideas.

Yoga Certification Primary

informative and fun
Posted Febrero 11, 2012 by Katherine from Seminole, TX
i think fitour is an awesome fitness industry
Posted Febrero 9, 2012
i am an adamant and firm beliver in practicing the art and science of yoga. ive been demonstrating yog for 15yrs. it has brought tremendous health and fitness to my life i know that yo
Posted Febrero 4, 2012 by Anonymous
Loved it, can do it from comfort of my home!

Aqua Certification Primary

Quick and easy.
Posted Febrero 11, 2012 by JEANETH GLENN from JEROME, ID
Lecture part was great! Recording during the exercise demonstrations could have been better. There were a lot of background noises, a lot of background pounding and other people splashing in the water, and walking about the pool area. A bit distracting, if you ask me. But other than that, I still give you 5 stars for the great overall presentation! :)
The on-line instructions are easy to follow. Thank you.
Posted Febrero 9, 2012 by Martha from Ridgeland, MS

Group Fitness Certification Primary

Great for Experienced Instructors
Posted Febrero 9, 2012 by Anonymous
This is an affordable Cert for already experienced instructors. Would make a great Grp X Cert for Zumba instructors who are well practiced and need to meet a gyms Nationally Rec. cert requirements.
Great testing experience
Posted Enero 28, 2012 by Anonymous
FITOUR makes it very clear and easy to become certified in Group fitness. I really enjoyed the material and process of getting my certification.
Great class
Posted Enero 24, 2012 by Anonymous
Great teaching format and well worth the investment. Thanks FiTour
Super way to study and take the exam.
Posted Enero 22, 2012 by Kim from Lehigh, FL
The study material and exam was thorough and comprehensive. Taking the test online was a huge help.
Group Training Certification is Excellent
Posted Enero 21, 2012 by Paula Hochman from Clearwater, FL
I have been a group trainer for 30 years and still found this to be an excellent refresher/certification course. The study materials are also excellent reference materials for my fitness business.
Comprehensive, and easy to understand! Thank you!
Posted Enero 19, 2012 by Meggamom
Very nice course. Gives good information with easy to read layout in manual. I was able to complete this course in about 2 weeks doing a chapter or two in the evenings.
Posted Enero 18, 2012 by Kim Davis from Elkhorn, NE
I really enjoyed this class! It gave me a wonderful foundation to teach, motivate and insure safety of the students.

FiTOUR® Primary Sports Nutrition Certification

Highly recommend - even for seasoned pros
Posted Febrero 6, 2012 by Paula Hochman from Clearwater, FL
Excellent refresher, always a good idea to "sharpen the saw" and this certification does just that. Glad I decided to go through Fitour for this one as well as the other certifications.

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Way to make a simple yet thorough test! Thanks FITOUR
Posted Enero 31, 2012 by Deirdre Gerstenberger from snover, MI
Educational and Practical
Posted Enero 24, 2012 by Audrey Beaulieu from Fort Worth, TX
Posted Enero 21, 2012 by Travis Trigg from Rogers, AR
fittour personal trainning program was awesome thank you fittour
Excellent Certification Program
Posted Enero 21, 2012 by Paula Hochman from Clearwater, FL
I have been a Cert Personal Trainer for 30 years and discovered Fitour 5 years ago. I have been so pleased with the study programs and certifications that I now regularly certify and renew through Fitour and have recommended the service to many other trainers. Thank you.
straight to the point and easy tp understand
Posted Enero 21, 2012 by Kim from Greeley, CO

Yoga Certification Advanced

Posted Enero 31, 2012 by Beth Ann from O'Fallon, IL
Re-certifications are so simple, yet packed full of educational tidbits that assist me in elevating my teaching level every time I enter the studio!

Indoor Cycling Certification Primary

awesome, fun, educational, do it.
Posted Enero 31, 2012 by jill betz from telluride, CO
happy with material covered in dvd/book.
great experience and motivational
Posted Enero 26, 2012 by Darwin Mitchell from Ft. Defiance, AZ

Certificación de Primaria de Pilates

Posted Enero 29, 2012 by Daniela Deandar Navarro from Monterrey, Non-US

Certificacian de Pilates Avanzado

Advanced Pilates Great Certification
Posted Enero 26, 2012 by Paula Hochman from Clearwater, FL
Although I do have experience with Mat and Ring Pilates, this was an excellent and very extensive refresher. Materials are super for reference, and the test definitely challenged me. Thank you.

FiTOUR® Modern Pilates Certification

challenging and motivational for our programs/projects
Posted Enero 26, 2012 by Darwin Mitchell from Ft. Defiance, AZ

FiTOUR® Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification

Very Educational
Posted Enero 23, 2012 by QT
Convenient and time saving. Materials are of high educational standard for the health and fitness industry. Excellent!

Pilates Certification Primary

Loved this Primary Pilates Certification
Posted Enero 22, 2012 by Paula Hochman from Clearwater, FL
Great certification. I have spent many years doing all levels of Pilates, but this certification is still one of the best. Great source of info in DVD and workbook, too. Thank you.
Well Worth It!
Posted Enero 22, 2012 by Dawn Mitton from SPRING CREEK, NV
The book was great.. Just covered what you needed to know! The test followed the book and was great to take on-line! Very pleased! Thank you!

FiTOUR® Senior Fitness Certification

Really learned a lot.
Posted Enero 21, 2012 by James Spangler from Mobile, AL

Personal Training Certification ADVANCED

Excellent Review and Certification
Posted Enero 21, 2012 by Paula Hochman from Clearwater, FL
Definitely a great review and certification to stay on top of my "game" in the Certified Personal Training area. An excellent refresher that I would recommend for beginning trainers as well as those who have years of experience (as do I).