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Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Cert got me a higher pay & a Fulltime position
Posted Agosto 29, 2013 by James Pesch from Tulsa, OK
A certification does not a trainer make. I have met some awful, terrible trainers with nationally renowned "credited" expensive certifications. I have also met some incredible trainers w/ no certification or even career in personal training. The bottom line is this is a great certification for someone who wants to be a personal trainer, not a car salesman at a box chain. I joined a small franchised personal trainer based gym and was offered a great starting pay plus benefits with this cert & I couldn't be more pleased. The material is easy to understand, informative, and great for those who are already well informed and successful at training.
Outstanding Program
Posted Julio 28, 2013 by thesKulpt
Fantastic Refresher
Posted Mayo 22, 2013 by Joshua Copeland from Dallas, TX
Thanks for your commitment to excellence and continuing education.
Great information!
Posted Mayo 3, 2013 by Valerie Messenger from Tucson, AZ
It is good to get updated information about what we do daily and if you know the information it is a great review.
Posted Diciembre 30, 2012 by William Moody from Kannapolis, NC
I've been with this company for awhile and I have really enjoyed being a member. This time during re-cert, the screen locked up on me on question 17. I could not get it operating without finally closing the window. I then rushed thru thinking it would lock again, but I should have taken my time. Great programs and staff has always been there if I had a question. Thanks for a great company to be certified thru.
Posted Noviembre 26, 2012 by Anonymous
I loved the program, it was a great start to get into the fitness industry.

Group Fitness Certification Primary

Will re- certify with FiTOUR.
Posted Agosto 20, 2013 by G.C from Higland, IN
Affordable, convenient!
Easy to Re-up!
Posted Julio 7, 2013 by Mika from Tyler, TX
Would be nice to receive an emailed alert to re-up/re-cert from Fitour.
Very very easy to understand
Posted Junio 27, 2013 by Elizabeth from Toccoa , GA
Very easy to understand-much cheaper than other fitness conpmanies
Informative & convenient
Posted Marzo 11, 2013 by Lisa from Orlando, FL
I have been teaching Group Ex for about 6 years and decided to change my certification to FiTour. The study materials were great and informatative and good refresher. I would recommend this program to any instructor. I've order 3 other certifications after this one because I loved it so much.
I've been a member for 5yrs and I love it!
Posted Febrero 13, 2013 by Deborah Taylor from Willoughby Hills, OH

Certificación de Ciclismo en Interiores

Posted Agosto 8, 2013 by JORGE MARTINEZ RODRIGUEZ from apodaca n.l., Non-US
Posted Agosto 1, 2013 by WENDY KARINA SORIA ESPINO from ESCOBEDO, N.L.,

Yoga Certification Primary

Wonderful Training!
Posted Agosto 5, 2013 by Heidi from Hickory Creek, TX
This is a great instructor who I really enjoyed! Her upbeat attitude and tone of voice made it FUN! Lots of helpful tips to remember some of the material. I would recommend to any fellow instructors.
Excellent Study Materials, Comprehensive Exam.
Posted Enero 21, 2013 by Happy With Fitour

Boot Camp Fitness Certification Primary

bootcamp will be fun to teach
Posted Julio 24, 2013 by Anonymous
Excellent Training Program!!
Posted Mayo 31, 2013 by Fay Meyer from SILT, CO
This is a must certification. The materials and program give you the best overall view of developing existing clients and acquiring new ones. I am going to use the "buddy" system for my boot camp. We are all excited to get started!!

Certificacian de Pilates Avanzado

Excellent training to expand Pilates competencies
Posted Julio 18, 2013 by Sandra from Spokane, WA
I am very impressed with and grateful for the FiTOUR online certification program. The study materials are very comprehensive and the Trainers are excellent. Thank you so much for offering this online training program.

FiTOUR® Modern Pilates Certification

Posted Julio 14, 2013 by Michelle Dayton from Bridgeport, CT
NEW Address: Monroe, Ct. 06468I love taking this little test every 2 years! I find a great refresher and very convenient! Thank you FITOUR

Aqua Certification Primary

Carol Ann is a wonderful instructor!
Posted Julio 14, 2013 by Patricia from Roanoke, VA
Excellent program. Very through.Loved having the DVD to review over & over & the book. How could you not pass?!! Thanks so much. S&H the pits.
Great course,
Posted Abril 10, 2013 by Brenda Biek from Niles, MI
Very easy to access. Excellent content. The lectures were excellent.

FiTOUR® Primary Sports Nutrition Certification

Excellent Course and Test
Posted Julio 11, 2013 by Shelly Jordan from Greer, SC
I really like the guidebook and the study guide. I felt that Nancy Clark has a broad and intelligent understanding of nutrition. The book is an easy read and I even laughed at some of the comments she made. The guide book was very helpful to studying and the test was excellent!

Personal Training Certification ADVANCED

Posted Mayo 4, 2013 by coachmac74
I was very impressed with the textbook. I am looking to obtain a youth fitness certification and a few more from Fitour.
Accomplished & Compelled to continue to be educated!
Posted Febrero 16, 2013 by Michelle Scacchi from Chagrin Falls, OH
Another renewal to continued education in the area of Personal Fitness! The fitour Association is very compelling to be excellent in this industry of service to the population be healthier & Fit. Comprehensive information with value!

Indoor Cycling Certification Primary

Posted Marzo 2, 2013 by Melissa from Stockton, CA
So affodable, plenty of study guides to help you for the exam. I would reccomend this to everyone considering becoming an instructor.
Very convenient.
Posted Enero 12, 2013 by Russell Kline from Port St Lucie, FL
All you need to know!
Posted Diciembre 27, 2012 by Veronica Scheier from San Marcos, CA
I recommend. This cycling certification go direct to the point , and give you a global and individualized idea what's needs to be done at a cycling class, plus lots of tips for safety ,etc,etc!
Awesome and well worth it.
Posted Noviembre 3, 2012 by Bobby Jones from Evans, GA
Macey Miller was an awesome instructor and very knowledgeable. I can wait to switch from being the participant to being the instructor.

FiTOUR® Youth Fitness Certification

Good information and very detailed
Posted Febrero 25, 2013 by Christina from Stockton, CA

FiTOUR® Hatha Yoga Certification

Great Home Study Program
Posted Enero 25, 2013 by Elle Varga from fort lee, NJ
I was in a wheelchair recovering from multiple strokes (Systemic Lupus) and was unable to attend a YTT. Given my long history and devotion to the yogic arts and classical dance, and my understanding of alignment, this program is best available for someone with prior knowledge of yoga, be it student, devout student, etc.... I encourage anyone who is willing to partake in said program to create your own intern/externship and surround yourself with as many yogis and teachers as you can. A study partner can help as well. You lose the energy and enlightenment of the actual classroom/yogic environment, however, the availability of yoga today is quite outstanding and encouraging. Remember, "Always Look Within", as opposed to outwardly seeing our world.