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Group Fitness Certification Primary

Love the DVD that comes with the book!
Posted Febrero 10, 2010 by Susie Cahill from Salem, MO
I love the DVD that comes with the book! It totally walks you through the manual step by step and points out the important things to remember. I love doing this from home as well.
Great place to start.
Posted Febrero 7, 2010 by Brittani from Ball Ground, GA
This class builds a great foundation for teaching! The instructor Tracy was great and has an unbelievable amount of experience.
Easy to Learn -
Posted Enero 21, 2010 by April from winston Salem, NC
This was great - book was easy to follow, I learned so much and I appreciate the opportunity to do it on-line. Thank you!
Posted Enero 16, 2010 by Tomeika from Smyrna, GA
This course was great. My instructor Deirdre was very knowledgable in all fields and gave us new ideas to take to our classes. I would recommend this certification if you are looking to get into Group Exercise.
Very informative!!
Posted Noviembre 14, 2009 by Roger Jordan from Hephzibah, GA
Instructor was extremely knowledgable and motiving!!!
Posted Noviembre 14, 2009 by Jeanette Smith from Hephzibah, GA

Yoga Certification Primary

Wonderful Instructors!
Posted Febrero 7, 2010 by Brittani from Ball Ground, GA
Tracy was wonderful. She had an amazing mastery of both the written and physical aspects of the material. She will keep me coming back for more!
Very thorough! I'm really glad it did it this way!
Posted Febrero 6, 2010 by Jill from Raleigh, NC
Lots of terms to memorize
Posted Febrero 5, 2010 by Heide from Saline, MI
This certification was challenging by learning and memorizing the terms and working on the correct execution of the poses and combos. But it was also very interesting. I already incorporate Yoga poses in my workouts but will look into teaching an actual Yoga class.
I learned alot.
Posted Diciembre 3, 2009 by Susan Bristol from Chewelah, WA
Great certification, awsome knowlege base.
Posted Noviembre 22, 2009 by Becky from Pink Hill, NC

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Posted Febrero 7, 2010 by Tehra Porterfield form Thornton, CO
Great use of my time. As I have a degree and need to hold a cert for work reasons, FiTOUR made it simple!
Posted Febrero 2, 2010 by ELIZABETH from Auburn, AL
Good information and study material. All the information you need for the test was there. Made it super easy to do!
Best program for Primary Personal Training
Posted Enero 12, 2010 by Anonymous
This program that was designed to teach (the basics of primary personal training) was by far the best and most helpful

Aqua Certification Primary

I enjoyed the flexibility of studying at home.
Posted Febrero 4, 2010 by Tonia Mitchell from Tallahassee, FL
It was great having the manual with pictures and DVD to help me become more knowledgeable about aquatic exercise, and to sufficiently prepare for the on-line exam.
Straight and to the point instruction
Posted Febrero 4, 2010 by Cynthia Mascott from Sherman Oaks, CA
I watched the DVD/CD. Wrote in the accompanying book and reviewed all the info before I took the test. I got a high score and felt like I had a good understanding of the material. Thank you Fitour.
tough but informative!
Posted Noviembre 9, 2009 by Jennifer from Toccoa, GA
good exam, great book, wonderful photos showing moves for aqua exercise

Yoga Certification Advanced

Informational, detailed instructions!
Posted Enero 16, 2010 by Anonymous
Posted Noviembre 16, 2009 by Karl Duvall from Austin, TX
Joanne was fantastic.

Personal Training Certification ADVANCED

Just like being in a classroom.
Posted Enero 13, 2010 by April from Tremont, IL
I loved the fact that it just wasn't a workbook that I had to read through but it came with a video also. It was like sitting in a classroom with an intructor. The flip book is also a great plus.
Posted Diciembre 26, 2009 by Nancy Sneed from Miami Gardens, FL
this the best
Posted Diciembre 22, 2009 by Allan from Herndon, VA
one of the best programs on th enet. everything on point. thank u fitour.

FiTOUR® Modern Pilates Certification

love this company!
Posted Enero 11, 2010 by Jean from Loomis, CA
i loved the book and the dvd, both were easy to follow and i will be able to reference and use examples from them for the rest of my kickboxing instructing career!

Pilates Certification Primary

Could progress within my own schedule
Posted Enero 2, 2010 by Elizabeth from Clinton, CT

Certificación de Ciclismo en Interiores

Posted Diciembre 18, 2009 by ELISEO JESUS CHAPA N. from SAN PEDRO,GARZA GARCIA, Mex
Posted Diciembre 12, 2009 by Yudith Lopez from monterrey, Mex

FiTOUR® Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification

Most informative material i've ever studied!!!!
Posted Diciembre 4, 2009 by Christopher Doherty from Ballston Lake, NY

Group Barbell Certification

Outstanding class and a very detailed, intense exam!
Posted Noviembre 14, 2009 by Anonymous

FiTOUR® Hatha Yoga Certification

good information in an easy format
Posted Noviembre 10, 2009 by iona plouff from las vegas, NV

Certificacian de Pilates Avanzado

Very informative workshop! Presenter was great!
Posted Noviembre 6, 2009 by Kristina Laszewski from Destin, FL