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Pilates Certification Primary

Excellent Educational Tool!
Posted Septiembre 13, 2010 by Tricia from riverview, FL
It was so detailed and very educating. I have been doing Pilates for years and it wasn't until I took this course that I realized I wasn't doing Pilates to its full potential. I love it!
The information on the CD and in the manual were great.
Posted Septiembre 4, 2010 by Bernie Hand from Oklahoma City, OK
The details and explanations given on the CD workshop and in the manual made taking the test very easy. Thanks.
Fantastic manual
Posted Agosto 13, 2010 by Ronda from Yukon, OK
Full of valuable informataion. Love the ease of the in-home study option.
Posted Agosto 6, 2010 by Sandra Chin from Port St. Lucie, FL
I just want to thank Fitout and Jeanine Chamberlain for begin an excellent instructor, we needs more certitifcations in the Stuart/Port St.Lucie areas.

Indoor Cycling Certification Primary

Had a great time at the clinic at Oakway fitness!
Posted Septiembre 11, 2010 by Michelle Klinko from Eugene, OR
Jen Smith was great in her delivery of the information. She used humor as well as practical examples. I was really motivated by her enthusiasm for the company & the class she was teaching!
Cycling Certification course recommended!
Posted Septiembre 11, 2010 by Betsy Landon from Nashua, NH
I took the Johnny G certification four years ago and have been teaching cycling since. However, I needed to be re-certified since I didn't keep up my CEUs. The Fitour certification not only covers everything the other cert did and more. I learned new and interesting drills and I love the sample classes provided in the book. The DVD is like attending the all-day workshop in the comfort of your own home. Plus, I purchased the certification for half price during a promotion. What a great value! If you've never taught before, I recommend taking other experienced instructors' classes in addition to completing this certification. You still need practical experience to apply what you've learned in this course.
It was great!
Posted Septiembre 8, 2010 by Jennifer Jackson from Pleasant Hill, OR
Jen Smith was awesome.

FiTOUR® Primary Sports Nutrition Certification

Posted Septiembre 7, 2010 by Jacqueline Myers from Philadelphia, PA
The information is increditable this book goes streight to the point, no guess work obtaining what you need to know very infomative.

Yoga Certification Primary

Posted Septiembre 5, 2010 by Anonymous
very challenging and informative -- a well thought out certification.
Posted Julio 10, 2010 by Robert Bucey from Mingo Jct, OH
Everthing you wanted to know about Yoga and more.

Group Fitness Certification Primary

Posted Septiembre 4, 2010 by Mary Fox from Augusta, GA
Thanks Fitour for helping me achieve my goal. Online training was great!!!
An affordable, excellent certification
Posted Agosto 28, 2010 by Anonymous
This certification gives you what you need to know in an efficient, concise manner. The sample classes listed in the back of the book are awesome!
Highly recommend
Posted Agosto 27, 2010 by Jeannie from Young Harris, GA
Informative, convenient, and great price! Great for busy working professionals. THANKS FITOUR!
Better than AFAA
Posted Agosto 15, 2010 by Raelene Hornby from North Kingstown, RI
Covered more material pertinant to Group X instructors!
VERY convenient for a full time working mom!!
Posted Agosto 14, 2010 by Regina Phillips from Corryton, TN
Is there any way to find out what I missed?
Easy to navigate. great training materials.
Posted Agosto 3, 2010 by Nancy Merrill from York, ME
Posted Julio 24, 2010 by Liuli Miller from Ransom Canyon, TX

Group Barbell Certification

Posted Septiembre 4, 2010 by Anonymous
informative and detailed, a very good option to consider for home study.

Personal Training Certification PRIMARY

Posted Septiembre 2, 2010 by kandisann byron from NEW YORK, NY
It was very easy to study thanks to my great instructor who made it fun.
great course
Posted Agosto 29, 2010 by Anonymous
thanks very much great job
The video was SOO helpful and informative!
Posted Agosto 29, 2010 by Morgan from Greeley, CO
Great information in a high energy, fun format
Posted Agosto 28, 2010 by Alda from Chattanooga, TN
The ladies of Fitour made me feel at ease and excited about the training. They were full of energy and praise for our group. Made the learning enviroment for the day interesting and left me wanting more. I will definitely be back to Fitour for additional certifications. Thank you Terese and Monica!
Posted Agosto 28, 2010 by amber mullins from Cleveland, TN
I feel very blessed to have been in a Fitour Personal Trainer Cert. The presenters were amazing and very supportive. I will definitely take more workshops from Fitour. Thank you!
Posted Julio 24, 2010 by Maria Munyon from Jacksonville, FL
The test was comprehensive, sensible, and well structured. It avoided confusing wording on the questions.

Yoga Certification Advanced

Posted Agosto 7, 2010 by mary mcfaull from monroeville, AL
It was convient, practical and enjoyable. Thank you for doing it in the South Alabama area. I am interested in other classes.
excellent presentation
Posted Julio 23, 2010 by Raelene from North Kingstown, RI

Aqua Certification Primary

Easy to use and navigate
Posted Agosto 7, 2010 by Karen Cowden from Orlando, FL
I am yet again impressed at how easy home education can be for instructors. While taking my first class was imperative to understanding concepts the follow-up with renewals through Fitour's online program is one of the best in the industry. Very focused questions and easy to do in under an hour!
Aqua Aerobic
Posted Julio 19, 2010 by Michelle Steppens from Oakland Park, FL
I feel this was much better than Ace or AFFA, as the follow along CD makes it more interesting and easier to follow for home study. Plus the CD gives you many great ideas for putting a Class together...great surport!

Stability Ball Fitness Certification

Informative and Convenient
Posted Julio 22, 2010 by FitMommy, OKC, OK
I loved this home-study course. I learned a lot through the very detailed manual. The convenience is immeasurable.

FiTOUR® Modern Pilates Certification

Posted Julio 15, 2010 by Suzanne from Lake Jackson, TX
I appreciated the thorough, detailed DVD and workbook. The practice exam really helped. The price is just right! Thank you.