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Primary Personal trainer study materials

FiTOUR®’s  Primary Personal Trainer Certification Program will get you well on your way to becoming a Personal Trainer.  Become a personal fitness trainer today and be your own boss.

FiTOUR®’s Primary Certification for Personal Training is designed to provide you with the skills & knowledge necessary to meet all personal trainer qualifications required to obtain a personal fitness trainer job.

Program Overview

The FiTOUR® Primary Personal Trainer Certification Program will provide you with invaluable information and prepare you to successfully complete the Personal Trainer Examination required to obtain your certificate of Certification.

  • Fundamentals of Proper Weight Lifting
  • How to Use Free Weights and Machines
  • Correct Spotting Techniques
  • Kinesiology & Physiology
  • Program Design for One-On-One Personal Training
  • Special Populations

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer:

  • Successful completion of the Primary Personal Certification Program and obtaining a passing score on the Personal Trainer Exam provides employers and clients with the mark of excellence.
  • Expand your knowledge and skills through dedicated study and easily obtain personal trainer employment following successful completion of FiTOUR®’s Personal Trainer training program.
  • Be ahead of the competition by starting your own personal training business following successful completion of the FiTOUR® Primary Personal Training Certification Program.

Study Material
The online study material for this FiTOUR® certification listed below is FREE! with registration. All FiTOUR® certification exams are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to review the study materials in advance of the certification to ensure a higher examination success rate.

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Comentarios Destacados

Lesia Yarbrough Oswego, IL
I really enjoyed my online study guide. I purchased the book as well and will continue to take more classes.
Posted Diciembre 8, 2016 by Coach Lesia
LOVED this certification. Fun and easy to understand.
Posted Octubre 25, 2016 by A now certified personal trainer!
I love the exam i took it the first made some mistakes and Really studied the material and applied it to my workouts... Apply your time and great things happen. I will continue to use Fitour And im goingbto get boot camp next. The best prices ever.
Posted Septiembre 21, 2016 by Julian From Philadelphia
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Primary Personal Trainer Certification Exam and Online Study Materials

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Primary Personal Trainer Certification Exam and Hard Copy Study Materials

This registration includes the in-home certification course, access to the online study materials, and the hard copy study manual. The study manual will be shipped to your home.